I don’t want to alarm anyone because the likelihood of Kevin Love being lost in London and no one noticing is very slim. However, I feel like I would be doing everyone a great disservice if I didn’t alert everyone to the possibility.

To wit, this tweet by Chris Paul that accompanied the picture above:

Train Station after the game! #Fasterwaybacktothehotel lol

No problem, right? If Team USA wants to take a train back to their hotel because it’s faster, that’s cool. That sort of “of the people” thing made Charles Barkley a star at the Barcelona Games. And as you can see, all 12 members of the team are present for this photo taken before boarding.

This is when things start to get dicey.

This photo was tweeted five minutes later, again by Chris Paul, along with this message:

Train Ride…

Everything seems fine here — players smiling, having a good time on the train, Chris Paul is wearing a giant hat as usual — but you’ll notice there are only 11 players and Kevin Love is nowhere to be seen. And you’ll notice that everyone seems to be enjoying the ride except for Russell Westbrook, Love’s college roommate, who has a look of concern on his face, like he can’t find his buddy. I’ve watched both “Taken” and “The Dark Knight Rises” so I know that a) people occasionally disappear in Europe, b) that as detectives we’re not allowed to believe in coincidence — why would the one guy who went to college with the missing party be the one guy who looks concerned? — and c) Liam Neeson is a surprisingly believable action star for being 60.

Did Kevin Love accidentally get off at the wrong stop? Was he kidnapped by Albanians? Did he stop to tie his shoe and get separated from the group, Kevin McAllister-style?

Odds are Kevin Love is the one who was taking the picture, which would explain why he’s not in it AND make sense because he is the unofficial team photographer. But doesn’t he realize everyone would be OK with him making Anthony Davis take the picture? He’s the only non-NBA guy and the youngest one around, so that should probably be part of his rookie duties. And are these guys really traveling around foggy London town without some sort of chaperone who can tell them where they need to be and maybe snap a picture here and there? The guy’s an All-Star. Let him get in a snap or two.

Like I said, I’m sure Kevin Love is fine. I just want to make sure it’s known that we realize he’s not in the second picture, in case we need to call Liam Neeson and have him hunt through England trying to find him. Team USA plays tomorrow, so we’ll have our answer soon. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Thanks to some intrepid detective work by TBJ commenter Scott Danger, Kevin Love has been found. From James Harden’s Twitter:

Phew. Close call. Now we just need to figure out why he wasn’t in Chris Paul’s picture. And what they’re all looking at on the left.