You know, I think Carmelo Anthony put it best.

“Uhhhhhh …. what?” — all of us when we saw this happen, Team USA included

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  1. Why wouldn’t this count? It went through the rim and the mesh? Does that count as a basket or is this just another bad call?

    • The USA’s score goes from 43 to 45 in the clip.

    • The ball has to go all the way through the net. I think they reversed the basket afterward.

      • The ball went through the net, bumped on Iggy’s shoulder, and went back up (there was a replay with a different angle, and it was very clear that the basket was good).

        What was curious is that the basket counted (they did not reverse it ) but they didn’t stop the play to make an inbound pass, argentinians took the ball and attacked.


  2. A similar thing happend to jr rider once, when he was still with the wolves. He reverse dunked on his head. The basket didnt count either. I think i remember that the ball has to completely leave the net for the basket to count.

  3. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t the best defensive strategy in the world involve standing under the net every time someone takes a shot and putting your hand just below the rim? It’s not goaltending because the ball was allowed through the hoop, but it’s not a basket because it didn’t go all the way through.

  4. pretty sure a similar thing happened in the nba playoffs this year, can’t remember who it was, but someone dunked it, and it bounced off his head and back out of the rim

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