We know that Joe Johnson makes a crazy amount of money. We know he has an endorsement contract with Jordan Brand that gifts him with multiple exclusive versions of pretty much every shoe they make. We even know that he has a gigantic shoe closet that houses his shoes.

But we didn’t know just how extravagant that a combination of those things can be. I mean, there’s no way you could even guess what else he had in his huge shoe storage because it barely makes sense. From Dime Magazine:

Dime: Describe the room to me.
Joe Johnson: It’s a nice size. It’s big enough for me and probably about six or seven of my friends. We all go in there and we shoot on the goal that I got hanging up in there. We might bet for pushups or you gotta go jump in the pool when it’s ice cold outside. It’s pretty big. I take naps in there too. I got a bed that was in there. I took it out but I’m gonna put it back in.

Dime: So you actually do stuff in there? It’s not just a sneaker closet?
JJ: Nah. Well I mean that’s the main theme of it, my sneaker closet. But I just try to do some cool stuff, put a bed, a TV in there, things of that nature. I just like the feel of it.

OK, so not only does Joe Johnson have a humongous shoe closet with more than a thousand pairs of shoes, mirrored ceilings, a basketball hoop and a fingerprint recognition entry system, he also used to have a bed in there so he could take naps when he got tired, presumably from trying to find one of his pairs of shoes. One more time for emphasis — Joe Johnson had, and will soon have again, a bed in his shoe closet. That is hilarious and it’s even more hilarious that it’s coming from Joe Johnson. You’d expect it from a Gilbert Arenas type, but boring Joe Johnson? Quite the surprise.

Next time you go in your closet, which probably cannot hold six or seven buddies and has more than just shoes in it, try to lay down and take a nap. Maybe bring an air mattress with you, just to get the full JoeJohn experience. That’s the closest you or I will ever get to this kind of luxury. I’m going to guess it feels awesome, but I’ll just wait for the first-hand reports.

(via Complex)