Well, it was fun while it lasted, but I have some bad news for you guys regarding Tony Parker’s hilarious goggles. From Sekou Smith:

So much for those goggles. Parker just smashed them on the floor.

Serious bummer. I’m going to miss those goggles, just like I’m sure the rest of you will.

But let’s not wallow in our sadness. Let’s remember the good times.

How he used to put them on his head when he shot free throws.

That time he was skeptical of his goggles.

How he used to try to act extra intense to make up for the fact he had Chris Sabo face.

That time he tried to act extra smooth when he had them on, like no one would notice he was wearing them if he was acting so suave.

His bit where he’d adjust his goggles like a nerd. Great bit.

How he used to try to wear the goggles all nonchalant, like they’d catch on as a cool accessory if he did. (They didn’t.)

That time he accidentally started wearing his goggles on his arm.

The low point was probably when he got hit in the goggles and they cut his nose, completely betraying their owner. They both learned a lot from that situation.

And my personal favorite — the time Tony thought he lost his goggles, but they were really just on top of his head. So funny.

There never will be a pair of goggles quite like Tony Parker’s. Mostly because he had to wear them after getting caught in a club fight between Drake and Chris Brown, which is a presumably rare situation, but also kind of because they look like the 1970′s. Those were some special goggles and we’re all luck to have had them in our lives, even if it was only for a few weeks. Goodbye for now, Tony Parker’s goggles. We’ll see you soon, in that big LensCrafters in the sky.