I can’t blame Jerry Stackhouse for wanting to play basketball for as long as someone will pay him, but when you are getting dunked on in summer leagues by hot shots from the University of North Carolina who are literally the age you were when you were a hot shot at the University of North Carolina., maybe it is time to call it quits.

Or at the very least, stick to what you do best. That’s what Rasheed Wallace, Jer-Bear’s college teammate, does.

See, Sheed gets what it means to age gracefully. Once you’re too washed up for the NBA, you retire and spend the rest of your days using your natural curmudgeon skills to complain at refs, even when the games don’t matter. That’s how you do it, not getting dunked on by punk kids who are basically you when you were 19. Not everything has to be a Neil Young song.

However, if Jerry is still playing because that means he always gets a chance to sing the national anthem in front of a large crowd, then that makes sense. The people need to hear those sensual pipes.