You know a crossover is nasty when the guy who did it still has time to take a calm gather dribble before shooting an uncontested jumper. Even James Harden thinks Andres Nocioni got crossed up here.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. “Looks like a combination of shoes and floor to me.” -James Harden

  2. yep. totally. he just slipped. could happen to anyone.

  3. I love watching Barbosa play. The James Harden -I didn’t get my ankles snapped I slipped- defense is so stupid. Oh course you slipped! You slipped because our pal the ballhandler sent you in 5 different directions at once and your legs said ‘eff this’ and gave up.

    • If you’re sent in 5 different directions at the same time you’ll either blow up in pieces or stay at the very same spot. :P

      • @phil Haha, yeah you either explode stay in one spot or your body gets so confused it just falls down.


  5. That wasn’t even just an ankle breaker.

    Andres Nocioni had his wrists broken with how hard he fell to his hands.

  6. LB looked like he wanted to help him up for a second there.

  7. My favorite part is the flair with which Barbosa shoots the ball and follows through. The lean afterwards, the little hop as he turns around, textbook classy celebration/eff-you maneuver.

  8. A beauty the excuses about slipping make it sweeter.

  9. Nocioni’s the dirtiest player in basketball. great to see him humiliated like that

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