Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose Olympics!

On today’s show, our national Dwightmare ends in a four-team trade. Does the addition of Dwight make the Lakers odds-on Larry O’Brien favorites? How did the Magic manage to get neither the 2nd nor the 3rd best player in this deal? Will 76er fans eat Andrew Bynum alive? With the addition of Iggy, is Denver the new “Lob City”?

We also breakdown the Olympic semifinals including, America’s three-point dominance, Spain’s gritty bench, the disappearance of Andre Kirilenko, and a sad Olympic goodbye to Manu Ginobili.

All that, plus the return of Ol’ Jasper, BMX bandits, and a 320-pound nose-picking Polish man.

See you on Sunday after the U.S.-Spain gold medal game.


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Comments (22)

  1. Mayhap I’m too early to this party, but wouldn’t it help if you embedded the audio streaming applet?

  2. you got any sound to go with that shake?

  3. I can’t download on this laptop (work), could you please embed the audio, I’ve been jonesin for this podcast ever since I heard of D-12 to LAL.

  4. the state of new jersey is quite big? really? its the 4th smallest state

  5. For the 1992 Dream Team vs. this years Olympic team debate –

    If you’re going to put Dwight Howard, Rose, Wade, and Bosh on this team, then you have to remember the great Hall of Famers that weren’t on the Dream Team: Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkins, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaq as the token college kid, etc.

    No way 2012 beats 1992. I don’t think 2012 could beat 1996.

  6. I can’t listen to this on my iPhone because the audio is not embedded

  7. Please, no more 2012 Olympic team vs. Dream Team debate, it may possibly be the most boring conversation of all time!! It was a different era, the conversation is pointless. Great show though!!

  8. Sorry about the tech issues, guys. It’s embedded now. The gold medalist was too busy taking his victory lap to post it (yes, I’m still bitter).

  9. “I’m enjoying a dildo right now”….greatest TBJ quote of all time. HAHAHA.

  10. opposing teams will just play hack a dwight at the end of every quarter, what a dumb move by LA trading bynum, they will regret this

  11. I fully agree with Leigh regarding Dwight Howard. I use to be a fan, but he acted like a tool all last season.

  12. @beyne: Hack-a-Dwight might work as a strategy if he’s the only offensive weapon on the court, but that isn’t the case in LA. If teams try that approach this season, the Lakers can put the ball in the hands of Nash and Kobe– two great free throw shooters. Anyway, as it stands, it looks like LA will probably keep the ball in Nash’s hands and run a lot of pick and rolls, which means that most of the free throws D12 will be shooting are going to be on and-1s after he goes strong to the hoop.

  13. Great episode, guys! Been following the show and the blog since January and have to say your one of my favorite places for everything NBA related.

    All the best from Germany

  14. I love that Tas did not have a shred of grace in that defeat.


  15. Another great overdose. Jasper talk with Tas might be my new favourite segment pushing the rounders update to 2nd and Leigh’s tweet of the week to third.

    • I agree.

      This will sound incredibly gay, but I motion “jasper talk” become the title of a weekly segment. It doesn’t even have to strictly pertain to dong-watching!

  16. “Fuck Dwight Howard”

    -Leigh Ellis

  17. Hilarious as always!

  18. Leigh you forgot to mention how the polish guy laughed at the end. It was on deadspin

  19. What’s up with these Henriks and their cocks?! Do they want a (T)BJ or something?

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