“Paint your face, clown!”Kevin Garnett heckling Dwight Howard, allegedly, during actual basketball games

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  1. Turns out KG only meant to call Charlie Villanueva a crab.

  2. Your ability to photo-shop is off the charts.

  3. He’s a soft clown.

    • You got that right! Even the original Doink the Clown would “F” you up! Dude is becoming a big tall parody. It’ll start over again if he doesnt sign an extension and the Laker fans give him the Steve Blake treatment.

  4. Whoa – look at the wording here:

    “During games, players used to hear Kevin Garnett screaming at Howard: “Paint your face, clown!” up and down the floor.”

    This implies Garnett yelled this multiple times per game, in multiple games.

    Is there any way to say that quote without using the Happy Gilmore “You’re gonna die, Clown!” voice?

  5. howard is a clown. Has always been a freaking cornball and cheesypoof.

  6. Funny, coming from the Bitch of all Bitches.

  7. Garnett’s the best.

    Your photoshop skills are stellar. Garnett should pay you to bring all his taunts to photographic life.

  8. Should have masked the teeth and eyes. Could have used an adjustment layer to crank the shadows on the face. Your blending modes really killed the contrast.

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