The good thing about all these players taping their workouts with Hakeem — which all look the same, but whatever — is that eventually we’ll have enough video from his sessions that we’ll basically be getting $50,000 worth of free tutoring just from watching YouTube videos. Pretty sweet deal.

Pretty sweet Jeremy Lin zing at the end too.

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  1. Who wears short shorts? Amar’e, apparently.

  2. Amar’e is bringing back the short shorts!

  3. part of Hakeem’s training is you have to wear his old shorts. and his old jockstrap.

  4. Is that McGee training with stat?

  5. lol there even is a video of marcin gortat working with hakeem

  6. $50,000 doesn’t seem so bad given these guys’ salaries, depending on how much time that buys you.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see lottery picks work with Hakeem pre-draft.

  7. Amare could be scary if he learned to really play with his back to the basket. The only big that is more skilled than amare is KG and KG’s like 35 36 years old.

  8. phenomenal workout ;-)

  9. I know it’s just a cheap joke but you simply can’t equate a 50 second clip of some spin moves to being in the presence of a great player like Hakeem. I’m pretty sure you will learn as much from him with one day of training as you would learn from 20 years of watching clips.

  10. In the future, everyone will train with Hakeem Olajuwon for 15 minutes.

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