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On today’s final London 2012 podcast, the guys recap an entertaining gold medal game between Team USA and Spain. Topics include: La Bomba’s hot start, Marc Gasol’s fourth foul, Durant’s three-point shooting, Chris Paul taking over the game late, Espana’s zone defense, Ibaka, Coach K’s celebration, and that LeBron dude.

We also discuss Team USA’s next coach, the tournament MVP, players we’re most excited to see in the NBA this coming season, and our favorite “peripheral” men’s basketball moment.

All that, plus brothels, wrestling challenges, broken fibulas, and volleyball.

Thanks for listening, team.


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Comments (17)

  1. Do you think the Raptors could beat any olympic team?

  2. Llull high basketball IQ (commented in the podcast)? I don’t think so…whenever he plays the point with Spain, I am terrified (and I am spanish). He is a grinder, a warrior, but sometimes does not make good decisions, and gambles on many of the passes he makes.

  3. That wrestling story is even crazier than that. The points hadn’t been awarded, so the Americans were only challenging to see how many points should be on the board. The expert commentator thought it should be 3-3. They decide on 3-2, and are about to start again, but the Americans keep pressing the issue and then the judges decide it’s 6-0, gg. Shit was nuts.

    Also beach beach volleyball doesn’t allow players to specialize like indoor does (liberos, setters). Though any two serviceable outside hitters would do very well in a beach game.

  4. Forgot to mention, in wrestling, they throw in a BRICK to challenge. A “challenge brick.”

  5. Keri Walsh was on the 2000 indoor volleyball team in Sydney that got 4th place.

  6. I love these podcasts. I kinda wish Tas won….even though Leigh deserved it. You guys should do a fantasy trade podcast where you make up trades that would make “meh” teams good (i.e trading Bargnani for anyone).

  7. Playing off the volleyball vs beach volleyball question, which nation would win at pool basketball?

    Spain due to their height?

    I think alley oops where the dunker climbs out and jumps from the deck would have to be legal, perhaps awarded extra points.

  8. It’s funny how seeing non-NBA players for a few games can skew people’s ideas of who they are – I gotta admit I laughed when you guys said Llull was not a good offensive player, had a high basketball IQ and plays good defense….I love the guy, but he’s known in Europe for, I guess you could say, being one of Simmons’ ‘irrational confidence guys’ – he’s always feeling it, he doesn’t make great decisions with the ball all the time, and his defense has always been suspect, which makes it awesome and confusing to see him do a great job with Tony Parker in the QF.

    It was weird to me seeing how he does have the ability to stick someone (and not just anyone) perhaps being on this team where he’s more of a role player made him dig in doubly hard. I think he’s great though, he is a grinder, he never gives in (even though offensively sometimes he probably should!) and he’d probably be a better NBA player given more space to operate. Anyway I loved the podcasts, great stuff as always, guys.

  9. When’s the next tbj podcast?

  10. Thanks for the great Olympics content, guys. Given Greece’s performance at the games, Tas’ performance might end up on the “Great Greeks of the XXX Olympiad” DVD.

  11. Tas, the reason you don’t see a lot of people hand-set on the beach is that hand setting is judged much more harshly in beach vball. If there are more than a certain amount of rotations on the set, they’ll call it a double contact. Also if a set ball floats over the net, it’s a fault since you’re not allowed to set the ball over the net. Most people just stick to bump setting on the beach because it’s too hard to consistently perform a proper hand set.

  12. Skeets, Davis played point guard for most of his high school career, even after his growth spurt at 6’10. Obviously he can dribble… And if you watched the NCAA tournament (which I know you didn’t), you would know that he can handle the ball pretty efficiently.

  13. Dear god, this was a top notch, funny episode. I was dying laughing! Ellis Gold on story alone! That’s coming through in the clutch, funniest story ever!

  14. Gents,

    Well done on the podcasts. Started listening during the playoffs and always a great laugh. Can’t wait till next season for guys.



  15. It was a great fun. I am hoping that the next season would be even more interesting.

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