I’m not sure how I didn’t notice it until John Schuhmann alerted everyone to Alexey Shved’s FIBA profile picture, but there it is — Alexey Shved is a white George Hill with Adam Morrison’s 2010 hair, no tattoos and a not-at-all-weird cat fetish. I blame the goatee.

I’m not sure if this should make Timberwolves fans more or less excited, but I am sure they’re hoping that it’s just the hair that’s the same as Adam Morrison’s. “Exciting combo guard who is actually just a solid player” seems to fit Hill and Shved pretty well, but those flowing locks could be a horrifying omen.

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  1. LOL to funny…

  2. LOL brilliant stuff trey US-A-YO

  3. Actually quite close.

  4. I’m convinced that George and Adam sexed and somehow reproduced Alexey – never mind the facial features, just look at Alexey’s skin tone!

  5. he’s a pretty man.

  6. 3+6=4? I see you’re a product of the American educational system, Trey. ;-)

  7. Mo’s got a championship ring… Your argument is invalid

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