I don’t know what’s more messed up about this picture — that it immediately makes me think of the hands twins episode of “Friends” or that Kobe Bryant actually posted it on his own Facebook page with the caption “Battle of the unibrow!!! Who wins???” This is like your dad getting Facebook and making NBA memes on it, only if your dad had five NBA titles and two gold medals.

It’s just so weird to imagine Kobe being at the Olympics, seeing another random dude with a unibrow and being like, “Hey, I need you for a picture really quick.” Shouldn’t he be busy shooting jumpers in a gym or psychologically destroying his opponents with offhand comments? Internet Joking Kobe is a whole new thing to adjust to, and right now, it feels weird.

But to answer his question, I’m going with Other Guy. That is one lush facerpillar and that barely gives him a win over Anthony Davis’ super sleek brow of prey. Hope he trademarked it.

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  1. The weird part is that Davis’s brow looks professionally tweezed and/or waxed. The smooth lines and high arches make it pretty blatant. It’s like getting a hair stylist to give you bed-head.

  2. That guy’s gotta be at least 6′ 7″, 6′ 8″ right? Any back story on him? Fellow Olympian or just random hairy giant?

  3. I’m going with the other guy. The Anthony Davis unibrow would probably be gone by now if it weren’t a marketing gimmick. I bet the other guy doesn’t have his own unibrow merchandise; for him it is merely a way of life, a facial philosophy if you will.

  4. Please tell me someone saw the picture of drunk Kobe and meloooooo that Nas posted last night.

  5. Davis should transfer his unibrow trademark to the other guy. That guy’s connecting brow is enormous, the biggest I’ve ever seen. Davis’ connecting brow is tiny because his brows curve downward.

    Sometimes I can understand why Davis keeps his brows besides the sense of identity and trademark thing because it’s not all that noticeable. But the other guy? He has an monstrosity above his nose.

  6. Other guy kinda looks like a young Gerard Depardieu (minus the brow, of course) :

  7. LOL facepillar. gold. gotta give points to Davis, for his brow is shaped like a bird in flight.

  8. that is Hovhannes Varderesyan a wrestler from of my native Armenia, he is 5’5” so davis is crouching. It might shock most of you sissified hipsters, but in most countries dudes dont care about how they look much.

  9. Seriously Davis needs to do some big time face gardening….its beyond terrible…

  10. I hope/pray I’m not the only one who watches Victorious on Nick and thought of the “Rex Dies” episode:


  11. As if kobe doesnt do normal shiit, shouldnt he be doing blah blah… really? Thats such a unintelligent, simple minded comment. Kobe cant take a pic? Not everyone should create a blog just because you can. Stupid useless, pointless blogs are cluttering up google search, blogs like this one. Shouldnt U be learning how to blog rather than on facebook reading kobe bryants posts

  12. Kobe old? He about the same age as nicki minaj and i bet you worship her bc u sound like a teenie bopper, shouldnt u be in school?

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