Team USA winning gold: very cool.

Team USA winning gold, followed by an uproarious dance party that Kevin Love seemingly refuses to participate in, thereby making him look like the most humorless on Earth: hilarious.

And when such a clip is set to “Boom Boom Boom” by the Vengaboys? Even better.

Or perhaps you’d enjoy an endless loop of Kevin Love passing up a chance to celebrate his gold medal because, I’m guessing, “I don’t really like to dance that much. Maybe at a wedding or something, if I have to.”

Oh, Kevin Love. Live a little, man. James Harden brought that creepy, gold Olympics mascot to the party and is going nuts and you can’t even do one dance jump? Such a shame.

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  1. This was me in the wedding I just went to

  2. K.Love knows that white man can’t dance. LOL!!

  3. Worth noting that Russell Westbrook tries his damnedest to engage Love in the festivities, but to no avail.

  4. He’s doing his best McKayla is not impressed impression.

  5. Westbrook is even trying to get him to loosen up a bit. “Come on man! It’s a gold medal! COME ON!!!”

  6. No wonder he & Derrick Rose get along so well, they both have a distaste for dance.

    Can we get a GIF of Lebron dancing & Kevin Love & Derrick Rose both not participating? Thanks in advance internet.

  7. Anthony Davis brought the stuffed mascot out to start with.

  8. if you look over harden’s shoulder as the camera pans, you will see that melo is also not dancing. but NOOOOO, pick on the white guy whydontcha!

  9. He’s got “Kokomo” playing in his head and he’s just waiting for the good part.

  10. Don’t you people know that Kevin Love can only dance to surf music????

  11. Love: Mark Madsen warned me about this.

  12. I appreciate Kevin Love acting like an ADULT and as someone who is representing the United States acting like he’s been there before. This dancing was classless!

    • But he hasn’t so acting like he’s been there before would’ve made him ignorant. And how is celebrating your gold medal classless?

      • Your allowed to dance (or not) after winning a gold medal period. Just like if you make the All Star team, you can dance if you want to or not. No big either way IMHO. A lot of protocol on dancing in the world of basketball apparently.

        • We can dance if we want to
          We can leave your friends behind
          ‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
          Well they’re no friends of mine
          I say, we can go where we want to
          A place where they will never find
          And we can act like we come from out of this world
          Leave the real one far behind
          And we can dance

    • All that “act like you’ve been there before” stuff is just so much blowing hard. It typically comes from the same people who ramble on about “blah blah blah NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE blah blah blah NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE blah blah blah.”

    • I concur, there is a time and a place to do anything the right way. I feel they should be very proud of their accomplishment but the dancing is looked at by some as “rubbing it in (the victory) to all the other teams that played. High five and hugs should have been enough. “Class” is a trait that must be learned over a period of time.

  13. Glereymar your comment is bullshit. How on earth is having a celebratory dance classless? Do you think Spain would’ve kept still after winning and not at least jumped up and down in celebration? Teams were jumping up and down after POOL PLAY WINS (those barely even matter).

    Yet here we are critiquing the people who won the US GOLD for enjoying the victory. Is it classless when NBA champions open up champagne and celebrate? Is it classless when Usain Bolt does his little Bolt post after winning? Is it classless when Gymnasts cry after achieving gold? People express joy in different ways. So long as you aren’t offending the competition or being a dick about it its fine.

    There are plenty of things in substantive problems (you know, things that MATTER) that you should be talking about and critiquing (or maybe even actively trying to improve)…whether or not team USA should dance after winning gold isn’t one of them.

    In Conclusion, FUCK YOU GLEREYMAR (Leigh Ellis voice)

  14. ‘I just wanna vibe’ – Kevin Love

  15. I don’t think Kevin Love could have danced much worse than ‘Bron ‘Bron…plus, who cares how you dance, you just won GOLD!

  16. if i saw a buncha black dudes dancin that bad, i wouldnt join in either

  17. lucky they dont take away medals for bad dancing…..

  18. Maybe he can’t dance. Or, maybe he didn’t want to look like a complete idiot.

  19. ‘White men can’t dance’ was my initial reaction but I got scooped

  20. Perhaps the story should be re-titled “Ridiculous dance ruins USA gold”. +1 to Kevin for not acting like an ass.

  21. Kevin Love needs to be on the Bulls. No dancing (Noah’s draft night doesn’t count).

  22. Maybe this was done in sympathy for the U.S. volleyball team that lost to Brazil and had to endure Brazil’s on-court celebration. Who knows?.

  23. KLove is always looking for an extra rebound in a crowd.

  24. Doesn’t Kevin Love, just like everybody else on that team, get to celebrate the gold medal in the manner of his own choosing? Maybe Love didn’t want some silly dance to become the most-remembered aspect of that special moment. Or maybe he’s just a lame dancer. He didn’t want to dance. No big deal.

  25. Maybe he smiled all the way and told them they where grazy.. You can’t see his face..
    Maybe he told them in advance he wasn’t going to dance if they’d won..

  26. I’ll never tire of having ridiculous music added to silly images. Boom, boom, boom forever.

  27. another great racist article by Trey KKKirby

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