For a five minute clip from one of the silliest shows to have ever graced television screens, there is so much to unpack here. For one, Kim Kardashian literally used her nose to predict that Lamar Odom had cavities. Not the hardest thing to foresee, but this still might be the thing we’ve been searching for that she’s good at. Pretty impressive.

Not only that, it’s hilarious that Lamar Odom thinks the best job in the world is one that pays you millions of dollars, lets you live in Beverley Hills and allows for you to get good sandwiches whenever you want them. That explains pretty much everything you need to know about why things didn’t work out in Dallas.

Lastly, have you guys heard that candy destroys your teeth? Because candy totally destroys your teeth. This is a perfect PSA for the dentists everywhere. Not only is an NBA player proving that candy causes cavities, he’s also pledging to go to the dentist every weekend. This is the best moment for dentists since Isaac Yankem left Bret Hart hanging in the ropes.

(via KevCops)