We all know Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, are going through some tough times. She filed for divorce back in September, they were spotted smooching during the playoffs but the divorce was still on, then it was off, then she got mad because of him flirting with girls in London and a whole bunch of other nonsense you can find on TMZ. Knock yourself out digging through the archives or just take my word for it since I’m on the internet too much.

Nonetheless, there is one factor in life that is definitely in Kobe’s favor if he’s trying to preserve his marriage. From Sports on Earth’s Nicki Jhabvala, who transcribed a recent issue of New York Magazine:

“I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships. If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.”

Well, this certainly bodes well for Kobe Bryant, since it sounds like a Kobe Bryant mantra. Considering he and Derek Fisher are the active players with the most championships — and that Derek Fisher doesn’t have a team yet, especially not one that that added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash this summer — he seems to be sitting pretty. If she only wants to be with a guy who can win titles (which is the single most Kobe Bryant thing a basketball wife could ever say), the pool is pretty small and Kobe’s still the biggest fish.

This must be music to Kobe’s ears. “Oh, you like championships? I just won a gold medal and we just got Dwight and Nash. I can win you a championship, giiiiiiirl.” As long as Robert Horry doesn’t get a hold of this magazine, everything should work out fine.

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  1. Women be shoppin’

  2. “Derek Fisher doesn’t have a team yet, especially not one that that added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash this summer”

    damn i did not realize that. hes def joining the lakers..

    • As much as I’d LOVE to see FIsh back in the forum blue & gold, it’s not going to happen. There was also talk that he & Mike Brown didn’t mesh well together.

      Even if the Lakers wanted to sign him to the vet min, the Lakers don’t have the room on their roster or even room in the PG rotation with Nash, Blake, Duhon and either Morris or Goudelock.

      I’m grateful for all of his contributions over the past decade, but unfortunately we definitely don’t need his D-less, declining game on the Lakers anymore. Fish might do well mentoring a young, up-and-coming team instead or just retiring and getting into assistant coaching.

  3. why’d you guys put a pic up of michael jackson?

  4. I guess that’s the trade off for white girls in Denver hotel rooms.

  5. This is the worst comments section on a trey kirby artcle ever. nothing funny or witty. just hateful and mean. :-/

    • i find your comment funny considering they’re coming from a user named “Tracy Morgan”

      • “Kobe’s rapes women and his wife is ugly!”

        Those aren’t funny jokes.

        Giving a personal anecdote about having a preference for sleeping with women with C section scars and 3 kids sleeping in the other room, on the other hand, is funny.

  6. Kobe’s gotta seriously ask himself if half of his fortune is worth this.

  7. It’s a good job she’s Kobe’s wife, she could be married to someone on the Knicks’ roster. I think Mrs B knows the grass aimt golder though and Kobe knows she knows.

  8. What did Vanessa say when Shaq was pumping her musky love tunnel full of baby batter. I’ll s*ck your co-ck twice as hard if you slap my bitch for me.

  9. Bitches love championships…

  10. Lets call it.what it is. Kobes wife know that money talks and the bulllshit walks! Thats why she aint going no where!

  11. Wow, she looks uglier than the last time I seen her. Her face looks like michael jackson’s face. No wonder why Kobe cheats on her.

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