And really, I think a YouTube commenter actually got it right: “I swear, the family feud people deliberately make up poll questions that they know people are gonna answer penis to.”

So yeah, good to see Shaq is still making a difference in retirement. And still good to see that Steve Harvey is such a skilled and humorous improviser. These guys know what I’m talking about.

(via That NBA Lottery Pick)

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  1. I’m no doctor here but wouldn’t a dick be considered to be a “body part’”

  2. you deleted my comment about how Trey never writes a worthwhile story eh? You guys blow as a news source for sports, specifically basketball. Trey can’t write a decent story to save his life. do some real research into real sports stories instead of this bullshit. You’re a journalistic joke and I am officially deleting the score as my source for sports related news. Fucking HACKS.

  3. Some of those pictures you linked to fuck steve harvey were pretty disturbing lol

  4. Fuck these haters TBJ. They’re just jealous no one wants to pay them for their basketball views. JEALOUS! I love and will continue to read this B.A. NBA Blog. If you don’t like what’s here, why keep coming back? Masochists? Probably.

  5. Christ, how can someone get so angry over a simple article… Eh?

    Fun article as usual good sir.

    Eh! Maple Syrup

  6. leave it to trey kerby’s old ass to pick up on an odd future trend

  7. Trey, thanks for being the best. I do appreciate when people get put in their place.

    BTW, who goes to a blog as a news source? A blog is a place where bloggers write about news and random stuff, they are not journalists. That guy must have not get the hang of this whole internet thing yet

  8. I’m a journalist and I’d trade jobs with Trey in a heartbeat.

  9. That was meant with no negativity towards either bloggers or journalists, just trying to point out they are not one in the same

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