Neighbor 1: Did you hear we won gold in basketball?

Neighbor 2: Oh really? That’s cool. Doesn’t that guy down the street play basketball?

Neighbor 1: Yeah! You’re right. We should do something for him.

Neighbor 2: Totally.

Neighbor 1: But what? What are we going to be able to do for a millionaire athlete?

Neighbor 2: I dunno. Maybe like a sign or something? We’ve got a really nice printer from when I was running the scrapbooking club. Do you remember that?

Neighbor 1: Of course. So much fun. How come we don’t do that any more?

Neighbor 2: It just got be such a hassle always having to go to Hobby Lobby to find those little cutout starbursts and decorations. And we got a new digital camera, so I just put everything on Facebook now anyways.

Neighbor 1: Well, that makes sense.

Neighbor 2: Doesn’t it? Anyways, you’ve got that nice printer and I have some extra long paper that Hank bought in storage somewhere. I guess we could use that.

Neighbor 1: Good idea. What should it say though?

Neighbor 2: Oh … I don’t know. Congratulations?

Neighbor 1: Yeah, I guess. Maybe like “Thank you?’

Neighbor 2: I like that. I like that a lot. Then he knows how much we appreciate him being in the neighborhood and doing something for his country.

Neighbor 1: Oh my gosh, Marie, have you seen his little boy? So cute.

Neighbor 2: SO cute. He is the cutest.

Neighbor 1: You’re telling me. Grab that paper and come by the office real quick. We’ll whip something up.

Neighbor 2: OK. I’ve only got like five minutes though.

Neighbor 1: This shouldn’t even take that long, I don’t think.

(Marie grabs the long paper, then heads to Megan’s house. They go to the office.)

Neighbor 1: OK, the paper is loaded. I think I still have that desktop publishing program somewhere … yep, here it is. So, something like “Thanks Chris?”

Neighbor 2: I’d mention the gold medal and America too.

Neighbor 1: Yeah, good. How about “Thanks Chris for winning gold for America?”

Neighbor 2: I like it.

Neighbor 1: Should “gold” be capitalized?

Neighbor 2: Hmmmm … I’m not sure. It’s not a proper noun.

Neighbor 1: But it is a trophy. They always capitalize Golden Globes in People.

Neighbor 2: You’re right. Capitalize it.

Neighbor 1: Alright. So “Thanks Chris for winning Gold for America.” Look good?

Neighbor 2: Oooooooh, put that it’s from his neighbors.

Neighbor 1: Our names? That’s gauche, Marie.

Neighbor 2: Then just put “your neighbors.” He needs to know it’s from us.

Neighbor 1: You’re right. They just moved here and I already like them more than that singer girl that was always skating in the driveway.

Neighbor 2: Ugh. That music she was playing was awful.

Neighbor 1: Alright, let me print this really quick. “Thanks Chris for winning Gold for America! ~ Your neighbors.” Look good?

Neighbor 2: Can you do like an American flag background?

Neighbor 1: Of course. (clicks some stuff) There. You like it?

Neighbor 2: OK, let’s print it. I’ve got an old John McCain sign in the garage. I think it’s pretty easy to take apart. We can use that to put it in their yard.

Neighbor 1: Great. Meet you in the yard.

(Marie disassembles her John McCain sign while Megan prints. They meet in Chris Paul’s front yard.)

Neighbor 2: I brought some tape.

Neighbor 1: You think of everything. Let’s tape this up real quick.

Neighbor 2: Yep. (hands Megan a strip of tape, fiddles with her side) There we go. Does that look straight?

Neighbor 1: Close enough. You’ve got to get going to soccer practice.

Neighbor 2: Yep. Tryouts today. Kristephanie is really nervous.

Neighbor 1: Oh, she’ll make it. I always see her in the yard kicking that ball around. Tell her good luck from me.

Neighbor 2: Thanks, Megan. Help me push this in.

(The two ladies push the sign in the yard.)

Neighbor 1: Wow. That looks great.

Neighbor 2: He’s going to love it. Teamwork! (they high five)

Neighbor 1: Yeah, thanks for your help, Marie. See you Sunday for “True Blood.”

Neighbor 2: Can’t wait for our weekly dose of Eric. Meee-owwww. Bye!