Here’s something cool — the 1992 United States Olympic basketball team, commonly referred to as “The Dream Team” or “The Best Team Ever Assembled” or “You Know Who I’m Talking About,” will be a playable team in this year’s edition of the NBA 2K franchise.

Here’s something not quite as cool — in the picture you see above, which was tweeted today by 2K Sports, there is no Scottie Pippen. Christian Laettner is there, of course, and Clyde Drexler (?) is standing right in front, ahead of even Michael Jordan, but there is no Scottie Pippen.

Word on the street is that Pippen didn’t agree to a deal with 2K Sports, which therefore precludes him being in the game. Considering he was in last year’s iteration of the franchise, this is a huge bummer. Not only is Pippen one of the 50 greatest players of all-time and one of my favorite players to ever play for my favorite team, he was also a guy Chuck Daly considered integral to the Dream Team. Now how are we going to destroy virtual Toni Kukoc? (No, the 1992 Croatian Olympic basketball team is not in the game, weirdo.)

That bad part of the news aside, how great is this? The answer is very great, especially because this year’s Olympic team is also going to be in the game, which means we can finally answer the “who would win?” question once and for all with no debate from anyone because video games are the truest test of competition. Joking, of course, but that is definitely what everyone is going to do. Just like everyone is going to try to make Christian Laettner the leading scorer every time they play, because haha.

So yeah, no Scottie Pippen, but still really awesome. The game comes out October 2, which gives you just under a month to play as many games as possible before the NBA season starts. Can’t wait.

Comments (11)

  1. drexler is standing in front because they’re standing in numerical order

  2. there you go glad i could help

  3. scottie pippen was taking the photo (K-Love style, duh)

  4. So happy to finally see Sir Charles in a basketball video game. It has been a while.

  5. Man, this sucks. I’m glad they put the Dream Team in, and I’m really glad they finally got Charles Barkley in the game! But if you’re only going to have 11 members of the Dream Team, you cut Christian, not Scottie. Just pay the man whatever he wants and get him in the game. It’s not like you won’t be making an assload of money off it anyway, 2K Sports..

  6. So we finally get Sir Charles, but now we don’t have Pippen… this is lame.

  7. Woulda been great to match up Pippen on Lebron.

  8. Now they just need to throw the ’92 Lithuania squad into the game with those tie-dye unis.

  9. The Admiral with a huge smile. Totally nailed it.

  10. Fuck Scottie, Bird and Mullin all day. I wrecked shop with Mullin and the ’91 Warriors.

  11. wait, there is sir charles!! finally! but.. uhm, where is scottie?

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