NBA player playing against random dudes? Check. No defense? Check. Alley-oop to himself off the backboard? Check. Incomprehensible screaming from an amateur PA announcer? Super check. Fans flooding the court and shutting down the game? Check.

Basically, this is a scripted streetball scene from a movie. Obviously it really happened, which is funny because if you were going to describe one of these random summer games to a person who’s never seen one, you’d jokingly say something like, “Some NBA guys play in them and there’s no defense and guys are just throwing themselves oops off the backboard, then everybody goes crazy and runs on the court while some announcer is just yelling nonsense.” This is that, except really real. It’s the definition of summer league streetball.

Pretty decent 360 layup from Tyreke Evans at the end there too. Also seems like a setup for an And 1 mixtape shoot, but still pretty chill.

(via A Royal Pain)