It’s the summer. The Olympics are over. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s insane show, The Basketball Jones are suddenly unemployed and must come up with small business ideas to keep the crew together. Will people pay Skeets to play old video games in karaoke-like rooms? Can Trey entertain kids while dressed in purple? Will Tas make money by standing on the street and staring at window fronts? Can JD cook French seafood? All that, plus bad accents, Chinese restaurants, narrow milk bottles, diapers, and three hot ladies named Kate.


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Comments (72)

  1. Ah, just started listening, the boy’s ‘aw’ after leigh’s ‘girls’… fucking adorable. lol

  2. and so it returns …
    can’t wait to listen to it

  3. Thanks for putting these together. They give me about an hour of good listening while running or driving around, but I suppose they involve a considerable chunk of time from your crew. Keep dem shits up.

  4. I don’t know why these guys nag on Google+ being dead. It’s not. Just because they don’t use it doesn’t mean 100 million other people don’t

    • Cool story bro.

    • What no one seems to notice is if you’re using any Google product (e.g., Android, Google Search, Gmail, or Google Maps), you’re using Google+.

      • Google + sucks, deal with it. It’s not a social network. No one checks their Google + page to see what’s happening. It might as well be myspace.


    Tas…did you review your own restaurant?

  6. you guys are just so awesome ! entertaining as hell

  7. is it just a coincidence that I see a google+ ad on this page???

  8. Trivia: the McDonaldland cop character is ‘Big Mac’.

  9. C’mon Skeets do you really not know your Powerpuff girls? It’s BUBBLES, Blossom and Buttercup

    • Yup. That was the third one — Bubbles.

      But what the fuck is a Powerpuff? Can I purchase one at the Moo Milk Bar?

      • Are you kidding Skeets? Powerpuff Girls were a show on Cartoon Network in the late 90′s-early 00′s by the same guy who made Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack. Maybe you were spending too much time playing 20 year old video games.

      • Basically, in Laser Quest World, you and your friends got Rickrolled.

  10. Suggestions :

    -The Degrassi Jones

    -The Canadian hip-hop Jones

    -The Lombard, Illinois Jones

    -The marriage Jones

  11. It felt like Christmas when I saw this pop up in my subscription feed. Thanks guys

  12. In light of JE’s small business idea, you could do a video game draft jones much like tv last year. There are a lot of small businesses already that offer a bus full of video games for kids parties. It would be awesome if you could rent a video game bus for adults to go to a sporting event or what have you, and get drunk & play video games on the way, kinda like a limo service.

    • Hey Skeets, you go to Vegas to come up with your “idea”?

      • Never seen or heard of it, but definitely similar.

        That said, “Super Nostalgia 64″ — NEW NAME! — will be more chill; less douche.

        • phew! for a second I feared you might say it would be “more douche” and “less chill”… but the other way round is definitely better. especially since Super Nostalgia 64 (not sold on the new name btw) sounded chill, and this place looks like the capital of douche.

          other suggestions for the name, since I’m bored:

          Hall of Game

          Y.N.G.A. (youth nostalgia gaming association)

          My Favorite Games

          Lana Del Play (with the subtitle “heaven is a place on earth”)

          Systems of a Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
          (ok maybe that’s a little impractical)

          The Kaiser Cheats

          The Nostal Jones

  13. The Seduction 101 Jones between Tas and Matty O, I NEED TO LEARN

    • I second this request. Maybe it could be a series, The Foreplay Jones, The Coitus Jones, The Refractory Jones, The Sloppy Seconds Jones, and finally The Sleeping Jones.

  14. wait, did I miss something – did leigh disappear during the show? how come he didn’t vote?
    but aside from that: way to go skeets, great idea. maybe I’ll rip it off sometime.

  15. For Tas’s idea, if people walk inside because you’re standing out front do you leave when they go in? Or do you just stare and watch them order?

    • @telecustom – I voted for Tas’s idea. I need him to help bring in the customers for Kate-r. – Leigh

    • I appreciate you taking interest in my answer.

      You can look occupied, you can get on your phone. Or, maybe we can establish a system where the “on-looker” can go in to the store and actually purchase something (which will be reimbursed of course). That would encourage spending! Next level thinking, Mikie!

  16. Does a podcast host need a stage name?

  17. DICK PHONES! I don’t even know what else to say…

  18. Reality Check TBJ, you guys are all nerds

    • Looks like business at Kate R is really booming!

      Trey, is there any chance you could photoshop Leigh with 80′s/90′s Australian pop diva Kate Ceberano? It would make at least one Aussie giggle.

      • @Andrew Saul. Great callback. “Bedroom Eyes” was one of Australia’s finest songs from the ’80′s. I don’t really remember her singing much else. I’d probably make room for her on the yacht. – Leigh

  19. I loved the Blank Jones last year! Can’t wait to listen.

    • Incredible link, but in Stratford, ON the McDonald’s had a real train caboose that was modified to host birthday parties.

  20. Ah, robotic intro voice, how I’ve missed you.

    Keep it up guys!

  21. @jeskeets – come to the Twin Cities in Minnesota and check out this chain of bars called the Chatterbox. It basically IS the place you described on the Blank Jones podcast …

  22. Another mayor mccheese appearance:

  23. while i enjoy everything you guys do, i can’t lie – the blank jones trumps all.

  24. Leigh’s bistro sounds like something out of a fucked up dream.

  25. Hell yeah, the BLANK Jones are back! Keep it coming guys!

  26. Leigh, maybe it’s just me but I would invite Kate Upton.

  27. I was at a bar in Sydney and Kate Moss rocked up,
    she sampled several drinks, but didn’t seem to be big on the food.
    Just thought I’d add a bit of real world to Leigh’s otherworldly idea.

    I can sense this so I’ll do it myself. Cool story self.

    • @tjr – You’re forgetting that Mossy won’t actually be in the restaurant, she’s on my yacht on the French Riviera, knocking off a few bottles of Veuve Clicquot with me and the other Kate’s. I’ll make sure she has a sandwich. – Leigh

      • Ah point taken.
        How could I have been so silly.

      • What if it all was a bit popular, you opened a few more places and named of one of the other restaurants…syndi-kated?
        (Gun noise in background)
        -Could also be an Cindi Crawford based venture.

        And from then on an Elle Macpherson bistro, it’d be one ‘ellva a place.
        (No gunshot noise)

        You get the point. If there was one that is.

  28. I would go to skeets bar thing and play some blades of steel, mortal kombat and street fighter 2 Turbo!!!

  29. Hey guys. Great job this week, classic stuff. An idea for a future episode.

    The Zombie Apocalypse Jones

  30. Come to Philly:

    Only problem is it’s mostly late 80s arcade games. Nostalgia is good, but they would do better with the old Simpsons/Xmen 6-Player machines.

  31. Do a show on the history of “the basketball jones”

    Or canadian “indie” rock.

    Also bring meligrove band to the show. Im pretty sure there walking around near the studio

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