Stephen Jackson might be the best rapper in the NBA, which is technically an accomplishment. A lot of the these guys rap and a lot of them do it poorly, but Stephen Jackson is actually a serviceable rapper and there are way worse things you can be. Like a French rapper.

Nonetheless, just because he’s the league’s best doesn’t mean everyone is going to like his music. From XXL’s Tzvi Twersky:

In my head I’m imaging Tim Duncan bopping to your music.

Yeah, Tim has both my CDs. He’ll text me every blue moon saying he likes one of my songs. Tim’s not really a big rap guy, but if I need his support, he’ll definitely give it to me.

I assume Pop [Gregg Popovich] isn’t a big rap guy, either.

I don’t know what kind of music Pop listens to, but I would never give him my CD.

What a great comedy trio these three make. Stephen Jackson just wants to rap, Tim Duncan listens to it because he’s a good friend and Gregg Popovich just wants to drink red wine and not be bothered with that silly racket. Not that the Spurs would ever allow it, but I’d buy a DVD set of them if they ever appeared on The Association. So many laughs would be had and that’s without considering Matt Bonner goofing around, Tony Parker always trying to freestyle for Stephen Jackson and Manu Ginobili’s battle with male pattern baldness. They’d make for a great show.

But that’s not the only good part of this interview. There’s also this nugget.

Who else have you worked with, or who else do you want to work with?

Well…I got Game, Jim Jones, Bun B, Alley Boy, several cats from my label. I got one of the hottest rappers out of Atlanta, Twin, on my album. I got Messiah, Pepa Spray, B-Lean, a lot of guys, Scarface, I got a song with Kevin Durant, Young Chris. I got everybody on that album. It’s going to be crazy.


So Durant’s kind of nice with it?

Yeah, KD can go, man. I respect him for even getting on the track with me, because a lot of athletes are scared to even get on the same song with me ’cause they feel I’m gonna embarrass them. I’m just happy he took the time to do it, and he really killed the verse so a lot of people are gonna be surprised by it.

Yeah guys, there’s a Stephen Jackson-Kevin Durant song out there and we’re going to hear it very soon. Gregg Popovich won’t but we will, which is good news for us. How often do you get to beat Popovich at something? Very, very rarely.