If you’ve ever wanted to see the Denver Nuggets, a team with two players (JaVale McGee and Kenneth Faried) who both have alter egos they have given themselves, turned in to a comic book, now is your chance. Yesterday, the team posted what I have to assume is only the first five pages what is sure to be an epic graphic novel, “Adventures in Nuggets Nation,” on their Facebook page.

In those five thrilling pages, you get to meet the heroes of Nuggets Nation — Hot Shot (Danilo Gallinari), Tynomite (Ty Lawson), Manimal (Faried), Big Mozzy (Timofey Mozgov), Iguodala (Andre Iguodala, duh) and Stretch McGee (JaVale). And that’s about it. There is nothing else that happens. I’m not deep in to the comic book scene, but I’m pretty sure that’s a boring comic. Also, there’s no mention of Andre Miller yet, which is too bad because I’d like to see how these guys make his baby hair in to a super power.

So stay tuned, I guess? Unless all you are looking for from a comic is to find out if Andre Iguodala gets his haircut (yes) and if JaVale McGee sometimes goes bowling (also yes), in which case, you’re good. Otherwise, check back to the Nuggets’ Facebook to see how this thing turns out. I, for one, am more than invested in finding out what Hot Shot bought from the mall.

(via That NBA Lottery Pick)