How many of these people actually got good photos that they can post on — six, maybe? 20 at the most? Who cares though, because the picture of all these people taking pictures during Kobe Bryant’s annual return to China turned out excellent. Might as well just frame this and point out which one you are, even if it’ll be very tough unless you’re one of the people wearing a red hat.

“Oh, that’s me with the camera. No the other one. Never mind. I was there though.” (Note to self: Always wear a red hat during Where’s Waldo? situations.)

Pretty nice of Kobe to wear yellow so that he’d stand out. Otherwise, it’s just arms on arms on arms. Or, as he calls it, a minor obstacle for a shot attempt.

And if the picture isn’t crazy enough for you, here’s video from the event, courtesy of I Am a GM:

Hard to tell for sure, but I think the kid in the middle with the camera phone took shot this. Pretty sure it was him.

(via Hangtime)