Honestly, Foot Locker’s on fire right now.

(via Hooped Up)

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  1. If there’s anyone in the NBA who’d hire extras of himself, it’d be Melo.

  2. He should hire extra Melos to pick up his defensive intensity. (Burn intended)

  3. Melo 5 looks more like Melas 5

  4. All 5 of those chips go to Melo 1′s spare combat gear tire.

    /remains fat hypocrite

  5. The defeat in Melo 5′s voice… he knows he looks nothing like Melo.

  6. This is going to be a huge problem, 5 Melo’s & only one basketball is a recipe for disaster. Plus it would be awesome to see them “play” defense, we could all have a good laugh.

  7. Melo, lounging around, eating chips. It’s ok because he wears layers.

  8. See the Westbrook/Bosh/Harden/Love yacht one yet? Also fantastic.

    “What’s up with the yacht?”


  9. Is it interesting or at least notable that ‘Melo 5 is tea bagging for the bulk of his camera time?

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