Well, hello there, new favorite picture ever of James Harden. Pleased to meet you. It’s good to have a picture like you in our lives, making us all laugh and smile.

And lest you doubt that’s Harden and is actually just some dude with a huge beard, trying to be James Harden, let’s do some investigative Twitter journalism.

Eric Maynor: “All white Yacht party 2nite…….it will be a movie!!!!!! #realtalkBO”

James Harden, himself: “All white yacht party tonight…. #Movie!!!!!!!!!!!”

So we’ve established that there was an all-white yacht party that was going to be a movie. Good to know. But who was there?

Someone named @trimskit: “Last night movie starring: @JHarden13 supporting cast : All the bros”

And who are the bros?

@trimskit, again: “@JHarden13 @EMaynor3 @M1AKATMAN @Rjayrolln @JUJUvee12 @John_Wall @TheRealJRSmith @inTRIMwetrust @Adaye5 @KDTrey5 @PRIVALEDGE #Movie”

Thanks to that #Movie, we’ve established that this was the party James Harden and Eric Maynor were talking about. Plus, John Wall, J.R. Smith, Austin Daye and Kevin Durant were there, not to mention some peripherally associated people whose names keep popping up on each all these guys’ timelines. In fact, even the presence of Daye, who was in one of Harden’s pictures the day before this party, serves as proof this is the same party. I guess they are buddies.

Now that we’ve solidified the party, was it fun?

Harden: “Last night was unreal…..”

J.R. Smith: “#LastNightWasMadReal”

OK, so it was either real or unreal, depending on who you ask. But was it fun?

Maynor: “That wus the most fun I had in a long time last night!!!!!!!! Oooooo myyyyy”

Smith: “I’m sorry everyone but party of the year goes to @JHarden13 last night was uncalled for! @trimskit was everywhere!”

If J.R. Smith says a party was good, I have a feeling the party was REALLY good. I don’t know why, but something about him seems like he would be the right guy to decide on the party of the year. Just a hunch.

And I know you what you’re thinking — this is a lot of effort to prove that’s really James Harden wearing that hat and gold chain, looking more Mr. T than ever. You’re totally right, but it’s about to get worth it.

@trimskit: “Somebody please tell me where¬†@JHarden13 got that damn hat from im still cryin!!”

Boom. We established that James Harden threw the party of the year, that this guy @trimskit was there, and that he knows all these guys. We established that the party was super fun, while failing to decide whether or not it was real. And finally, thanks to our on-the-ground source, we know Harden was wearing a hilarious hat, which just so happens to match up with that amazing picture you see at the top. The evidence proves that the greatest James Harden picture we’ve ever seen is completely real.

Case closed, your honor. The internet is the best. And so is that picture.

And so is James Harden, for that matter. Shirtless at a white party with an insane cowboy hat, dookie chain and drinking straight from the bottle? That’s livin’ the life, gold medalist style. Or, I suppose, Rick Ross style, which really makes sense with that beard.

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  1. Kudos to @treykerby for unraveling the mystery. This rules. Perhaps they were celebrating the impending release of Thunderstruck?


  2. can anyone figure out what’s going in his crotchular region? it looks like an ice bucket, but it’s clearly a part of his pants.

  3. The real question is, exactly what genre of #movie was it?

  4. Nice of skinny Rick Ross to show up.

  5. Somebody get this guy Trey Kerby working for CNN. Investigative journalism of the year on the party of the year!

  6. ‘all white’, lolz

  7. if you look closely at the girls you’ll notice they are all ugly! just like barney said!

  8. Combination of floor and shoes.

  9. Best. Blog post. EVER.

  10. The minnesota vikings are rolling over on they’re grave right now.

  11. where was russ in this?

  12. If rick ross was like 800 lbs lighter they’d be twins

  13. I am so kicking myself with 89,000 lbs of torque that someone beat me to the punch on the Twitter Name: @inTRIMwetrust … !!!

  14. Nice investigation Trey. And here I though James Harden was just moonlighting as a pimp.

  15. Good to see the Macho Man Randy Savage estate is loaning out his old hats to raise money for the inevitable Macho Man Library and Museum….

  16. Good to see the Macho Man Randy Savage estate is loaning out his old hats to raise mone….

  17. In the canyon pick with Austin Daye, one of the guys has a massive wet spot in his groin region. Scared of the camera perhaps?!?

  18. So this is what heaven looks like!

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