We all go through our own individual challenges from day to day. Maybe you ride your bike to work and it bugs you that the very first part of your ride is an incline and your legs don’t even really have a chance to warm up before you get going, but there’s no way to get around it because that’s the way you have to go. Maybe your dog is just a little too fat and needs to lose 20 percent of her body weight so she has to eat the most disgusting food imaginable, which means you’re handling room temperature tripe patties first thing in the morning. Maybe you’re not sure if the beef vindaloo in the fridge is still good, but you want to eat it so you’re willing to risk a little belly hurt. I don’t know, these are just some random things that you might have to confront from time to time. All I’m saying is, we all have frustrations we have to deal with.

Take Kevin Durant, for instance. While he was filming his new movie, “Thunderstruck,” he had to do something he hates doing. From the Oklahoman:

Heard you had some trouble deliberately missing shots.

“You guys know me, every time I get out on a court I try to get a little better. I was out there making a few shots, but once they yelled ‘action’ I had to miss. It’s difficult to try to miss shots after so many years of trying to make them, but I figured it out. It worked out well.”

Can you imagine how much Kevin Durant hated going in to a gym, having a basketball in his hands and having to miss shot after shot? That’s pretty much antithetical to every gym trip he’s made since he learned about basketball and I’m sure he couldn’t wait until they were done filming so he could get back to making shots to make up for the ones that missed. Though I guess he’d have to make double so that he could cancel out the misses. I’m not a basketball mathematician, but that seems logical.

I also really like that he had problems actually missing. I can just imagine him making like 10 shots in a row and telling the directors, “I’m sorry. I really am trying to miss” and then shrugging his shoulders because he’s too good of a shooter to remember how to miss. Though I guess if they really wanted someone to miss jumpers, they could have just hired Kendrick Perkins. Movie might not have been as big of a draw, but at least they could tap in to the horror genre.