Today was rookie photo shoot day, which is basically the first time fans get to see their favorite team’s newest players in their jerseys, unless they’re on the cover of SLAM. For all those other suckers, however, it’s all new. And usually, it’s a pretty fun affair. Totally bizarre pictures are taken, sometimes there is breakdancing and usually one viral meme emerges from the session. Thus far, unfortunately, there’s been nothing. Aside from some vaguely fart-esque fog in the pictures, it’s been a bunch of guys who don’t want to look silly.

Except one man, Toronto Raptors forward Quincy Acy, who absolutely crushed his rookie photo shoot.

Just look at that beard and the way he tilts his head so jauntily, as if to say, “Look at how big my beard is.” That is literally the best way to hold your head if you’re growing an Abe Lincoln.

Though, I’ll admit, this is a pretty smart angle too.

In this picture, it’s like his beard functions as neck camouflage. It’s so dark and perfectly shaped that it makes everything from his jaw to his Adam’s apple disappear. Not sure what he’s hiding, but he’s doing a really good job of it.

But this, my friends, is the best.

I don’t know if Quincy Acy is going to do anything in the NBA — the track record for tweener forwards is all over the place — but it is good to know that he already has a highlight under his belt elasticized waistband. Between this photo and the one up top, he’s already started a nice lookbook. Even if he doesn’t light the league on fire, I hope they just let him keep taking pictures. At the very least, he’s already an All-Star when it comes to that.