It’s the summer. The Olympics are over. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s festive show, The Basketball Jones break down birthdays. Are they worth celebrating? Where does a Facebook wall post rank on the birthday wishes hierarchy? What’s it like for a waiter to have to sing “Happy Birthday” to annoying patrons? All that, plus, rabid dogs, Aussie Rules Football, “Murphapalooza,” and some wise words from sad Jerry Seinfeld. Embrace the cake, people.


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Comments (41)

  1. “Embrace the cake”
    Did you guys get Kwame Brown to write the podcast blurb?

  2. Nice, it was my birthday yesterday also. Happy 364 days until our birthday Skeets.

  3. So should we just start calling Skeets Phil? The secret is pretty much out.

  4. My sister’s birthday is on New Year’s eve. A gift or a curse depending on your outlook I guess.

  5. How bout a practical joke jones

  6. Hailing from the Netherlands. we have a holiday called Saint Nicolas its on the 5th of December. He bring you presents through the fire place. We had central heating so i didn’t understand how the hell presents got to me. But thats besides the point.
    My birthday is on the 8th of December. Basically I got like a Nintendo game on Saint Nicolas day. And then i had to wait 3 freaking days to get the Nintendo Entertainment system.
    You know how long days are when you are a kid. Its basically a nightmare situation when you are a kid. So i got something huge but in parts with days between it.

  7. High five to August 20th birthdays!

  8. I thought I heard the Tas’ rabid dog story before so I went into the “archives” and found that Tas told a shorter version of that story in the “pet” Jones last year.

  9. The Rounders music is the best.

  10. I listened to this from beginning to end.
    High Five.

  11. What was the age you guys stopped celebrating your birthday? After 18 , I really stopped caring about mine. Not yet to the point where I dread it yet though.

    My most memorable birthday was my 3rd since it is my first memory & I got an awesome stuffed monster toy with a woopie cushion in it.

    • Not to get too Matt on you, but it sounds like it set you up for a life of disappoinment.
      I mean a stuffed monster toy with a whoopee cushion in it, clearly the only way to go from there is down.

  12. I don’t get JDs complaint, I thought this episode was hilarious. but I do agree with his (barely audible) proposal of an “existential jones” episode^^
    let’s get dark!

  13. I vote for the Superhero Jones. Favorite characters, movies, superpowers you would want. Nerd out big time.

  14. The Cooking Jones? Maybe that works well with Beckley Mason’s proposal that there should be a video blank jones.

  15. Episode idea? Game of Jones–a little GoT talk, since you all seem to be fans; you could inject a touch of ‘ball talk with which NBA related people are what characters on the show/in the books.

  16. osten does a very smooth intro

  17. it probably was Medo which means bear in serbian and that would explain a lot

  18. You guys did The [Basketball Jones] Jones last year and left it off on an ellipsis. Care you finish that up with another segment? I’m sure everyone is wondering how you guys came to be on the Score, and how Matt and Leigh wound up on the team.

  19. The Relationship Jones, offer advice and talk about your personal experiences

  20. You guys gotta do some on pop culture. Just talk about random current events. Or better yet, do like a meta-Blank Jones on sports writing/television. You can talk about how things have gone so weird with idiots like Skip Bayless and Steven A Smith dominated sports talk

  21. Solid ep. My birthday is the 23rd of December. And, while it sucked ass as a kid having to wait all year between celebrations of Birthday/Christmas, my family always hooked me up. I was never ripped off with the “one present” to cover both – unless I asked to join them together for a super present… Actually, I remember times asking my family to just give me cash for birthday and Christmas then my G’ma would take me on a crazy shopping spree! Well, crazy for a 12 year old, anyway…

    • yep, definitely one advantage of being fairly close to christmas (mine is 11 days after) is the whole “combined” present thing. i’ve used that idea a lot of times.

      one downside, at least here in the southern hemisphere – after christmas and new years, in the middle of summer, most people on holiday…my birthday does tend to get forgotten about.

  22. Shit suddenly got real at the end there.

  23. The Rounders Jones, obviously.

    • Hell yeah! And crank that sweet, sweet music for the entire episode (or at least first 30 seconds).

  24. Leigh won the gold for his story….JD gets the silver and Matty O gets disqualified for punching JD in the nuts at the end!

  25. And forgot to mention Tas and Skeets in a bronze medal tie…Tas for bringing calm to the chaos and Skeets for of the best laugh tracks anywhere in the pod cast universe…sometimes I wonder if JD hasn’t sampled Skeets laughter and just drops it to fill uncomfortable silences! You guys rock!

  26. The 1990s Jones

    Might translate weird from Canada to USA.

  27. Check the virality? Anything for a playoffs Rounders’ update, I guess. (My fingers are crossed- I really hope I don’t pick up the clap whilst ‘checking it’)

    Leigh’s birthday story was magnificent– it made the episode. Definitely a top 5 birthday (non)story!

  28. I could not be more on board an existential jones. would be amazing. dont reckon leigh would get it, east coast people arent that bright.

  29. I could listen to the Basketball Jones talk for hours about just random shit. Love you guys and keep making great content.

  30. I’d say that the funniest birthday present I got was that I was allowed to open one of my christmas presents early. I was born within a week of Christmas.

  31. my sister in law stopped celebrating her birthday 5 years ago, she up to the 5 anniversary of her 30th Birthday.

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