Just when Dwight Howard thought he could step in to the Lakers and be the fun-lovingest, big-smilingest over muscular children’s actor, Metta World Peace has to step in and win the Yo Gabbalympics. Basically treason, as far as I’m concerned.

Don’t be surprised if this turns in to an epic Cold War of one-upmanship the likes of which have never been seen. I’m talking Dwight on “Sesame Street,” followed by Metta being edited in to an old episode of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” and culminating with Dwight taking things a bit too far and starting an actual children’s show that he stars in during the season, completely abandoning his teammates to pursue his true dream of being the world’s biggest children’s entertainer (literally).

The Lakers knew something like this could happen with all those kids show-loving egos bouncing around locker room. Quite the inauspicious start.

(via I Am a GM)