I guess it is a thing now for rookies to draw their own cards when they come in to the league. It happened in the NFL to mixed results (mixed between bad and terrible) and it happened in the NBA, which is great for us. As you can imagine, things went just as well as you’d expect.

Thanks to Panini, we get a chance to look at all of these guys’ artwork. As I’m sure you would have guessed if I told you Anthony Davis participated in this drawing festival, the world’s most famous unibrow was featured. A lot. Here are two of Davis’ cards.

I know he’s trademarked these two sayings and that he’s known for his unibrow and that the top picture kind of looks like the cover of “The Great Gatsby,” but don’t you think Anthony Davis is in danger of just becoming his unibrow? He’s embraced the look so completely that that’s become his defining characteristic, rather than the fact he’s potentially a franchise-changing center. Very, very weird. You don’t see James Harden reminding everyone he has the best beard in the league every chance he gets. I’m just worried for him, that’s all. (Also, Anthony Davis has no idea how to draw a basketball.)

But if he wants to really brow things up as he comes in to the league, I suppose we should help him. Here are a bunch more unibrow-themed cards he could consider during his rookie campaign.

Tell me you wouldn’t want a pack full of these cards to put in to your binders that are underneath the stairs in your mom’s basement. These would go for at least $0.90 each in a Beckett price guide, if they still make those. If I were you, I’d collect the whole set, which would entail printing these on cardstock and that’s about it.

But maybe you want more. Maybe you want to create your own with this template I uploaded, and then maybe you want to post them in the comments. It’s up to you, but that seems like something you might be interested in.