This is one of Kyle Singler’s images from yesterday’s rookie photo shoot. I just have one question, which you see in the title and are surely wondering for yourself — is Kyle Singler the human embodiment of the famous “I’m With Coco” posters that flooded the internet following Conan O’Brien’s ouster from “The Tonight Show?”

The hair and ruddy complexion suggest that the answer is yes, but let’s do a quick comparison.

Forlorn look in to the distance, fiery red hair, swooping bangs. I mean…

Yes, friends, Kyle Singler is indeed a human Conan O’Brien poster. Case closed.

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  1. Great post and photoshop.

  2. Detroit always goes for those goofy white kids, another fine example is Jerebko.

  3. Kyle “the human Conan O’Brien poster” Singler is a good one. Now he can officially move past his old nickname, “sweathead”

  4. why is the guy from 30 rock in a pistons jersey?

  5. I’m gonna take the high road and pass up the obvious KY-you-know-what joke.

  6. he looks like sunshine from remember the titans

  7. I don’t see the red hair. It looks brown to me

  8. Is this Chris Kaman’s little brother

  9. Lol don’t they need this guy back on the set of 30 Rock?

  10. for all those persuing the kaman angle: witness the whiteness:

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