OK, so this is pretty obviously fake, because it’s impossible to get a ball to stick in a rim when it’s shot from below the rim from the opposite side, thanks to physics. I think we can all agree that that is true.

Which leaves one question — why?

Why would you do a trick shots video where your celebrity endorser is missing shots? I mean, I get that the end result is cool — in high school, through careful and intentional placement, my teammates and I got 13 balls stuck in the rim and net before a practice once, so I get totally get it — but why would you want to show the guy you pay a bunch of money missing shots so badly they get stuck in the rim? A fake trick shot that goes in, which also exists, totally makes sense. This I just don’t understand.

Maybe it’s a Spain thing, since this is on Kia Spain’s YouTube channel. Maybe they love athletes missing shots, which would explain the fascination with Fernando Torres and why everyone questioned Ricky Rubio’s jumper. I don’t know. I just know it’s kind of bizarre that this shoot probably ended with the words, “Great misses, Jose” in Spanish. Though, to be fair, they really were great misses.