Summer’s almost over, you guys. It’s time for us all to buy our Trapper Keepers and Lisa Frank folders and start getting ready to go back to school. I heard Miss Peterson is pretty tough, but supposedly fun. Fifth grade is going to be AWESOME.

But before we can get started with long division and memorizing the states in order, we need some chill time. Ergo, things are going to be slow around these parts until Tuesday. You’ll get a brand spanking new episode of The [BLANK] Jones later today and maybe something special tomorrow, but not a ton of stuff. It’s the middle of August though — you won’t be missing much.

Tuesday brings the return of regular posting and so many laughs. Until then, keep it cool and don’t tell Kerin I told you I think she’s cute.

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  1. What happened to the payoffs from the book offs? Have I missed them or are you guys holding them back cause they ‘re too epic?

    Great work as always – thanks for doing what you do!

  2. if we don’t get payoffs we will TOTALLY tell Kerin you told us you think she’s cute!

    • …although not before tuesday, because we’ll have to wait until we actually see kerin… we don’t want to admit it, but actually we’re too afraid to just call kerin. her mom might pick up.

  3. ps dammit, the titel of this post reminded my of this tune by teen daze… now it’s stuck in my head. haven’t listened to this for more than a year. good times^^

  4. Heyyyyy, I heard this is where I could find my Raptor news, and…

    Alonzo Gee


  5. Arent Lisa frank folders are for girls? I’m I not being in touch with my feminine side?

    You guys deserve a break, always great stuff even in the summer.

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