Good news, fans of the Dream Team, Chicago Bulls, hyper versatile small forwards who redefined the possibilities of their position and video games that are maybe just a little bit too hard for a normal person who isn’t completely devoted to gaming — Scottie Pippen is going to be in NBA 2K13, along with the rest of the 1992 United States Olympic basketball team.

Want proof, skeptic? Fine. From 2K Sports’ Twitter feedski:

And then there were 12… Are you ready for the FULL ’92 Dream Team?


Also, here’s more proof, courtesy of Scottie’s wife on Twitter, because of 2012:

Scottie is back – check him out on the @2KSports for #NBA2K13 Dream Team!

Good stuff. Now we can finally answer the age old question of whether or not the Dream Team can beat the Charlotte Bobcats, which is what I am pretty sure everyone on the internet has been asking for the past few months. I’m guessing yes, now that they have a lockdown perimeter defender to check Gerald Henderson.

Please leave your opinions in the comments.

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  1. There are a lot of great sentences here like the first sentence and the one that ends “because of 2012.” Thumbs up!

  2. Good, not having Pippen in the game would have been stupid.

    Hopefully other great players from that era like Hakeem Olajuwon, Isiah Thomas, and Dominique Wilkins are in, too.

  3. I hope so as well…it will be great to make a “nightmare team” out of the stars that were left off of the team and try to beat the dream team in, say, a 7 game series.

  4. They should complement the addition of the Dream Team (the best team ever assembled, with the addition of the worst basketball team ever assembled, the 2012 Charlotte Bobcats

  5. I think that having pippen doesn’t solve their biggest problem, which in my opinion would be checking Brendan haywood and that bj guy who’s name I can’t remember

  6. Thank you 2k and or pippen or both. this was mandatory

  7. Hip Hop Fans! Check this leaked track out!

  8. Are you kidding? Gerald Henderson would eat Scottie alive on both ends….

  9. Lol Scottie looks a little upset. or is that how his face always look?

  10. Clyde way in the back hahaha

  11. great news!!!!! at a boy scottie, no more no tippen pippen.

  12. is that a psychological choice to start team numbers at 4 , so nobody has the mental advantage of calling them self number 1,2 or 3? maybe im looking into it to much.

    • There are plenty of players that have had the numbers 1,2 and 3 on teams.. Just to name a few:

      #1 Derrick Rose/ Tracey Mcgrady
      #2 Derrick Fisher / Nate Robinson
      #3 Dwayne Wade / Chris Paul

  13. Stockton is a smaller guy, but they made him look like the water boy in this photo.

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