If you’ve been a basketball fan since the early 2000s, you’ve probably seen McFarlane Toys’ NBA figurines. You know, those hyperrealistic little toys that you always see on eBay or sometimes at Walgreens. We’ve got a few in the TBJ office and I once mailed Dan Devine a Stephon Marbury one, just for the laughs. They’re a fun replacement for the Starting Lineup action figures of yore, especially because they’ve got an official NBA license.

And that official NBA license is the important thing for today, since new figurines of the Nets’ Deron Williams are starting to pop up at some online toy retailers. And since it’s about time for the Nets’ first season in Brooklyn to start, he’s wearing a Brooklyn Nets jersey. And that simple white-and-black jersey the figurine is wearing perfectly fits the description we’ve known about for months. From the New York Post:

As the Nets today unveiled their new Jay-Z-designed, black-and-white color schemes and logos for next season, team brass confided that the club’s yet-to-be revealed jerseys will be emblazoned with the word “Brooklyn” spelled in capital letters.

It’ll make the Nets the first major-league sports franchise to wear “Brooklyn” on its chest since the Dodgers fled to Los Angeles after the 1957 season.

The Nets’ new shield-shaped logo – which features the team name above a basketball with a large “B” in its center – will drape across the left side of the club’s shorts. The new uniforms will be released in the fall, shortly before the Nets begin playing at the new Barclays Center on Flatbush Avenue.

The road look will be black with white lettering while the home jerseys will be white with black lettering.

Let’s see here. We’ve got white with black lettering, Brooklyn across the chest (you can make out the “yn” and “Nets” would look way longer), the basketball shield on the left leg, just as we’ve been told would be the case. Considering this toy was made by a manufacturer who is licensed to reproduce NBA uniforms, these have to be the Nets’ home kits. We’ll know for sure soon.

Based solely on a grainy photo of a plastic figure, they seem fine. We knew that a plain white-and-black jersey would be tough to pull off, but it looks like they could be cool. At the very least, they’ll definitely be unique, as the main similarly colored teams you can think of (Spurs, Raiders) make sure to add silver detailing on their white unis. It’s basically impossible to tell from this picture, but based on the write-ups, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Nets.

I’ll reserve judgment until we see an actual cloth jersey on a real-life human being with better tattoos, but at first glimpse I’m going to tentatively like these but not love them. To use Mario Chalmers’ nomenclature, I’d probably put these at the back end of the top half of uniforms in the league. The black ones will probably look wicked, the white ones seem like they’re be pretty good.

Assuming these are the Nets new home uniforms — and I think we can agree that the evidence seems to agree with that assumption — this is just the latest and greatest leak from the Nets. First was someone posting the logo that had been taped up on a wall, then someone found Nets gear in some store before it’d officially been released, followed by someone spotting the Barclays Center floor being tested in the Izod Center. It’s like a weird version of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?,” except with even lower stakes. Pretty soon we’re going to find out what the team’s black jerseys look like because Brook Lopez has a custom comic book made where he’s wearing the new look. That’s the only logical conclusion to this epic saga.

(via UniWatch)

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  1. ugh, their entire design is SO half-assed and boring. It looks like the default logo and uniforms you would get in a video game before you decide to go ahead and give the team some personality. Awful.

  2. I have no problem with the design. And it won’t look strange if they add red/green for holidays jerseys either.
    I cant believe that anyone there thought they could keep it under wraps til the official unveiling though. Too easy to instantly upload a pic nowadays

  3. Like Trey I mostly like them, but with one major holdup:

    These are going to look just godawful on any pale white players. The white pops nicely against the skin tone of Deron Williams, but imagine Gordan Hayward wearing that same color. Atrocious.

  4. The more I think about this the more ridiculous it is.

    Team colors: none
    Font: Arial, basically
    Logo: How about a basketball with, like, a ‘B’ on it?

    It’s 2012! How do you come up with a worse and more boring design than the Celtics came up with in 1946?

  5. I don’t mean to be picky, but I think “vernacular” would have worked better than “nomenclature” in this context.

  6. Why not go ultra-simple? White on white. Black on black. IOW glossy silk lettering on matte polyester “canvas” jerseys/shorts.

  7. are you people insane? the nets new look is the best nba redesign in forever; it’s classic beyond classic, timeless to the point that they’ll never have to change it.

    to criticise it in the same summer that the bobcats just rolled out new duds so off the generic nba production line that they are exactly the same as the mavs already-utterly-generic uniform… that’s crazy in the coconut.

  8. there are some other leaks of ntes jerseys that look much nicer tha these imo, google nets jersey leak

  9. The uniform is great, except the oblique sides of the uniforms should have the traditional ‘Net’ design like the previous Nets jersey

  10. Hmm… Don’t the home white jerseys usually have the team name instead of the city on them? (As in it would have said “Nets” instead of “Brooklyn”).

  11. This dude needs an editor badly

  12. I like it, I have spoken. Done. Finished. Complete. Ended. Finalized. Halt. Who goes there? Knock Knock, whose there? Jelly. Helly Who? Jelly you like this logo design or what?

    My name isn’t Jelly, it’s bellweatherbob and I have spoken.

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