The [BLANK] Jones: Phobias

It’s the summer. The Olympics are over. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, The Jones discuss their biggest phobias. Will we ever know what lies beneath the sea? Are airplane bathrooms scarier than airplanes? Why should you fear warm pillows? All that, plus clowns, chopsticks, dogs, beanstalks, Mark Morrison, and the sheer terror of forgetting your phone at home.


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  1. I am SO happy that the blank jones are back so I can get more Matt Osten in my life.

  2. matt nailed it at around 3:10, phobia is irrational, like snakes in a city that doesn’t really have them

  3. or being scared of sharks in a swimming pool. my parents let me see jaws when i was too young :/

  4. Tas, as a Greek you should know dogs will kill you! I almost got torn to pieces by some dogs in Greece while running by a herd of sheep. The sheepherder sprinted across the field and beat his dogs back with a stick, then screamed at me in Greek that I was a f’in idiot and should be dead right now…

    • Like I said, dogs kill, and injure, more people than sharks annually.

      I had a similar incident with a horse in Greece – we’ll share stories over a frappé one day.

      • Tas is just bitter about his friend’s dog that bit him as a kid.

      • @tas: that’s basically like saying that there are more people who like mcdonald’s than people who like the moo milk bar… it’s a quantitative statement, not a qualitative one.
        there are just a whole lotta more dogs in most people’s environment than sharks. so while it is indeed more likely to die from a dog attack than a shark attack, it doesn’t mean that a dog is more dangerous than a shark.
        in short: don’t care how many people get killed by dogs, sharks are some frightening motherfuckers! (and the moo milk bar is better than mcdonald’s I guess)

  5. For the next blank jones, you guys should all discuss the many ways that various technologies have pissed you off over the years – whether it be cell phone mishaps, computer viruses, etc and if those issues have ever resulted in anything embarassing where you accidentally text the wrong person or so on.

  6. Loved the podcast. I think there’s an extension to Kobophobia. Before regenokine, I think it was the greatest fear of the Laker fans and management: Kobogenobophobia, fear of Kobe’s knees.

  7. Baba O’Phobia : fear of having the crappier half of a great band outlive the awesome dudes.

    • I should also add typophobia: fear of dumb typos in Internet comments, causes me a lot of anxiety (see above)

  8. I go jogging with my dog. Deal with it.

  9. i think you guys have psychoneooneaphobia. that definition of phobia and the difference between phobia and fear was worthy of a miss america contestant.

  10. If you’re scared of regular ol’ sharks, get a load of the goblin shark:

  11. Fear = fear (as we use it in normal speech)

    Phobia = unnatural, unnecessary fear

    People can be afraid of drowning when on a boat in bad weather, but hyrdophobia is taking it to the crazy level to be unnaturally afraid of water. Yes, it’s been years since my undergrad years . . .

  12. i really want a coffee jones, if u did one of those and i missed let me know

  13. why was JD gun-shy with the “I sound like a chinese-man” sound-bite? C’mon.

  14. I’m with Skeets. I have a really hard time even swimming in a lake because of the thought of the unknown depths below me…. and what might be in them. I don’t think I’ll ever go in the ocean now.

  15. Phobia is considered an irrational fear, which I guess is somewhat subjective.
    Dogs chase due to predatory profiling. Because you are running you fit their profile for prey.
    The more you know

  16. Can you guys make that drop downloadable, because that might just be the greatest thing I have ever heard!?

  17. My friends and I constantly talk about one of our friends when we are out he is constantly somehow attracting girls that are far too young for him (he’s 30 but still looks younger) (Electra complex)
    That’s one of my biggest anxieties I guess, plus a scene out of trainspotting, where I wake up in a house or something and the girl is like 16 or something and about to go to school.
    One of my other friends always concludes this talk with “could be worse, just look at Polanski” then attempts to cut someones nose with his finger.
    Cool Story Bro.

    • Plus now that I think about it
      -One of my friends has a major fear of ambulances, especially whilst driving.
      -Went out with a girl who had a phobia of buttons. I laughed like a jerk at that one.
      -Another one of my friends has a fear of bridges, which Leigh if you’ve ever been over The Westgate on a windy/rainy day is fair enough
      - An anxiety that one singular actor will ruin an entire movie: Labeoufphobia
      -Plus this I found amusing

    • Isn’t it, like, closely related to a fear of going to jail and getting anally raped?
      If so, it’s hardly irrationnal and it’s what our justice system is based upon.

  18. Nomophobia isn’t the fear of former pitcher Hideo Nomo???

  19. I was diving in Borneo and when I came up the boat had left… no land in sight! I had to float around for an hour before another boat went past and i bummed a ride back to shore with them. Pretty scary shit!

  20. Phew, I thought I was the only one that used Rdio. Yeah that glitch happend to me over a Whitney Houston song.

  21. i hate unexpected loud noises. this has transformed itself into a fear of balloons – whenever they are around, adrenaline starts flowing and i get stupidly anxious until they are removed. just thinking about it now is getting me nervous.

  22. Can you guys do a show on the best pranks you have pulled, witnessed, or wish to perform on someone?

  23. Speaking from familial experience, if you’re an idiot and don’t get some medical attention, dog bites can do plenty of damage via infection.

  24. I’m loving these [Blank] Jones pods. Anyone know how to download the [Blank] eps from last years offseason? In the archives I can see that we can stream them but I wanna download them. Itunes only has eps going back a few weeks. Little help.

  25. Dog advice, I hike in the woods all the time and have learned that the best thing to do is not run, not raise your voice but say…good dog, go home…calmly. If that doesn’t work, pick up a rock and they usually stop. If that fails, pick up a big stick and prepare to do battle.

  26. Any folks suffer from.. hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia…… a fear of long words?

  27. highdraftpickophobia….fear of being the # 1 draft pick and ending up a Wizard or Bobcat

  28. Fear is generalized, whereas phobia is more specific/clinical. My list of phobias:
    1) static electricity. I was shocked at least a dozen times one day. Now I have to think twice about doorknobs/carpet with metal railing/ the dryer
    2) boners. I get aroused easily, so I have to limit holding hands w/ a girl
    3) balloons. I was at a TGI Fridays and dozens of balloons were there and popped, causing me to scream like a bitch and spilling my drink all over myself in embarassment while onlookers laughed
    Bobcatophobia: fear of being on a team w/ Biyombo/Haywood as your starting frontcourt

  29. This site certainly has all the info I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  30. Several types of phobias exist. Some people fear large, open spaces. Others are unable to tolerate certain social situations. And still others have a specific phobia, such as a fear of snakes, elevators or flying. .”-*

    Bye for now <

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