When Rockets rookie Royce White claimed his beard was a tribute to John Lennon, we all thought it was pretty cool. After all, the Beatles are the best band ever and a 21-year-old coming in to the NBA proclaiming them as a favorite is neat. You just don’t expect it. From that point on, helped by his fun passing in this offseason’s summer league, Royce White won some fans for his exquisite musical taste.

Well, I don’t mean to burst the Royce White bubble, but he doesn’t exclusively listen to great music. From Rockets.com:

JCF: Well I can’t let you go without asking you a bit about what you’ve been listening to this summer. What have you been immersing yourself in musically of late?

RW: I’m really doing a lot of my own things right now. I think you’ll hear this from other people who are very creative: I’m really focused on blocking out all the popular things so that they don’t influence you and that you don’t just become another piece of the pop movement. Of course if your things are successful then they become popular, but it’s important to have your own identity. So I’m really trying to create my own identity without having too much influence.

I definitely listen to a lot of OneRepublic. Maroon 5 is one of my favorite bands and they just came out with a new album. Even though they have a new band member, he’s fantastic and it’s just a different Maroon 5. And I’m still into the Beatles. I’m really trying to go back and find unheard Beatles material now – that’s what I’m really into: the under the radar stuff; who was writing with them; who was helping them. So I’ve been trying to find that stuff out and then going to listen to those people’s music as well.

So I’ve just been digging, getting into music history – that’s what I’m into. But OneRepublic is always classic and Maroon 5 is obviously pretty good, too.

OneRepublic is “always a classic?” Maroon 5 is “obviously pretty good?” Trying to find “unheard Beatles material” that could somehow be considered under the radar? This is just messed up. I’m not sure if I like the idea of the NBA’s biggest Beatles fan liking these bands.

That being said, it could be way worse. If you change the OneRepublic to One Direction, Maroon 5 to S Club 7 and unheard Beatles material to Ringo Starr solo albums, then things would get really embarrassing. Let’s considered this bullet barely dodged and hope Royce White gets his hands on some Billy Preston records.