This is a photo of Iman Shumpert attending an 80s party, looking like Dwayne Wayne (which, PS, is incredibly hard to type after years of writing about Dwyane Wade) or maybe an extra from those Nike Hyperizers ads from a few years back. And while you might think that he’s rocking a perfectly stereotypical 1990s look, let’s just chalk that up to him being born after the 80s ended and the fact that “A Different World” started in 1987 and ended in 1993. It’s hard to pinpoint a look when it spans multiple decades.

And just for fun, here’s a list of jokes to be made about this:

  • Cool Urban Outfitters starter kit.
  • I see Russell Westbrook finally had a garage sale.
  • I’m not a big fan of Jay Electronica’s new look.
  • Nice to see he finally upgraded to a student apartment for sophomore year.
  • Should have went with the Amaro filter.
  • If Frodo throws the One Ring in to this shirt, does it destroy Sauron’s power?

After the jump, more pics of Iman in the 80s kind of. Feel free to add some zingers in the comments.

(via Believe the Hype)

Comments (19)

  1. That’s an ugly as chick he’s with! Idk what’s uglier, the shirt or the chick

  2. previously unseen pics of kadeem hardison and rosie perez from the set of ‘white men can’t jump’

  3. Looks like jazz from fresh prince finally changed his shirt.

  4. I think I can speak for everyone eh, some people and say, Cool Story Bro

  5. interesting. good to see he got some new clothes though.

    80s > Whatever he was thinking in this photo from a few months back…

    looks like he got mugged and a few hipsters from the french riviera were nice enough to lone him some digs..

  6. this looks straight out of season 1 of the fresh prince. shumpert should bring the flat top fade back

  7. going to parties? isn’t that a little bad for a rehabbing ACL?

  8. arrested development comes to mind

  9. Roll wit Kid N Play Now. And actually I think that the girl might be a relative.

  10. “Let’s hope he doesn’t try to do any of those funky crazy dances on that surgically repaired knee”- Bobhait from NYKFanpage

  11. Good to see that Kwame finally got over the Polka Dot phase

  12. Very stylish! My man is definitely “swagged out”. Hopefully, he is recovering well from his knee injury. Look forward to seeing him flourish in the future.

  13. Wow, De La Soul is back on tour?

  14. I know I’m waay too late on posting for people to see this but…

    “So that’s what it looks like to be rejected from A Tribe Call Quest”

  15. + ⅝ Made me laugh

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