You aren’t going to believe this, but those glasses without lenses that Russell Westbrook doesn’t even need started out as just him messing around with dressing silly for fun.

From a recent ESPN LA radio interview, as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews:

Are you mad that you didn’t copyright your look on wearing glasses without lenses in the postgame press conferences?

No I’m not mad about it. It’s a great look.

How did you start it?

I don’t know I’ve been wearing it for awhile and I just happened to wear it.

You wore it to goof around?

Yeah just goofing around wearing it just whenever and all the time. Not even when I dress up.

I know, I’m shocked too. This seemed like a really well thought out thing, to wear glasses without lenses, and not just something he threw on at home as a joke then decided to wear in front of millions of people.

But hey, a great look is a great look, no matter where it came from. Even if where it came from is from looking in an old junk drawer while cleaning the house and wearing some costume eyewear to make your friends laugh.

(via Daily Thunder)

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  1. Russell “dirt lip” Westbrook

  2. As someone whose worn glasses for over 20 years I find it funny that people who have great vision would want to make themselves look like they have a disability for the sake of fashion. My friends have been doing the fake glasses thing for years. I’m waiting for when they do the fake crutches or fake wheelchair thing.

    • i had glasses for about 12 years now and I still hate them today. I can’t stand lenses either. your post was on point man

    • Finally somebody complements westbrook on his vision. He averaged 5 assists per game last year cuz he didn’t wanna pass, not because he couldn’t see his teammates. Glad we got that cleared up…

  3. glasses without lenses are worn
    by hipsters in europe for the last 10 years

    and theyre hated for it since then

  4. I agree. I find it perplexing. Westbrook shouldn’t take credit though. People in Asia have been rocking the nonsensical lensless glasses for a few years now.

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  6. NBA Offseason Action…It’s not FANTASTIC!

  7. definitely definitely

  8. So in other words, Westbrook has been trolling the world….much like he did his team in the Finals.

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