I’m not exactly sure what is going on here — other than the fact that Jeremy Lin and David Lee are fishing for shrimp in a small, indoor pool which I’m sure is normal and not as strange as it seems — but it sure looks like fun.

At least they caught some eventually, I guess. Makes sitting next to that dirty pool for hours totally worth it.

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  1. This is totally a common nighttime activity if you’re tired of clubbing/pubbing/etc in Taiwan (lived there for 8 years).

    It’s awesome. The shrimp are all ENORMOUS. These places also have facilities set up next to the pools where you skewer, salt the shrimp, and bake them (all for free). Nothing like FRESH shrimp.

  2. David Lee looks like he’s having just the most brutal time of it.

    • He’s like, “I’ve made so much more money than Jeremy Lin and have been successful for so much longer. Why on Earth am I getting third billing here, behind my girlfriend even?”

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