It’s the summer. The Olympics are over. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, The Jones try and decide if they’re ready for fatherhood. What’s a fair way to discipline kids? What do you if your child becomes a bully? Does anything you teach your kids actually end up mattering? All that, plus baby talk, hecklers, toy cars, and the Pet Detective rides again!


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  1. …ladies and gentlemen its the “Pick-up Hoops” Jones. You guys could do things you love/hate about people playing pick-up, NBA-comps. for each of you, etc. Love the show guys, keep it up!

  2. *spoiler alert * Brad Kerby

  3. Trey, I’m a little disappointed you didn’t make fun of “x, y, and zed”.

  4. The Party Jones..

    possible talking points:

    *Best party ever went to
    *Best party ever hosted
    *everyone goes around on how to throw the best party( setup, ideas etc)
    *party etiquete
    *crazy australian Leigh parties

  5. The Lost/Hunger Games/Survivor Jones…

    all of you are on an island…strategies you use for survival…fight to the death…whose the last Jones standing?….WHY NOT?!

  6. Canadian TB shows Jones

  7. I’m a young father at the age of 28 and I have an 8 year old daughter. One of the toughest things about being a young father is dealing with school parents who are almost twice my age… and many of which seem very immature. A lot of parents form their own cliques. Once I knew I was going to be a father, I completely abandoned my social life, and focused everything on finishing my college education, getting a job and taking care of my kid. Not everyone is willing to make the sacrafices, because of that “selfish” factor. It’s definitely hard at first, especially if you are doing it alone. Luckily, I have a great family that was willing to help babysit when I needed to finish school or do work. No way I could have done it alone. The mother is not even in the picture, and I had to own the full-time parent responsibilities.

    Somethings you brought up I thought were interesting, like the fact that your kid will be influenced by others once they reach a certain age. That is definitely true. That’s why for the first 7 years, I’ve focused on teaching my daughter the importance of trusting yourself. If you know something is wrong, then you shouldn’t do it no matter what. It’s all about building her self esteem so she doesn’t fall victim to peer pressure. Also, it’s true that I wish my daughter loved the things that I love, like playing or watching sports. I also like scary things, and she’s a big scaredy cat. But no matter what she likes, I decided to support it. She for example likes drawing and doing art, and I have no interest in it. But if that’s what she loves, then I tell her that’s what she should be focused on… better she gets into that than bad things like sex and drugs. Also, if you encourage her to do what she loves, then you further build her self esteem and get her to avoid peer pressure.

    There are moments when I get frustrated. For example, my kid has a slight case of ADD, and she doesn’t really focus or listen to what you say, because she gets too focused on her own thoughts. At moments I get pissed, and it’s only natural, but I guess being patient is the most importan trait you have to learn as a parent. No kid you raise is going to be perfect, and they might have many flaws… so you need to be patient and guide them as best as you can. You can’t show them your own frustration, because they’ll see that you don’t believe in them… and as a result they won’t believe in themselves.

  8. after a long first day of college you guys are a major stress reliever. thanks for what you do keep up the good work

  9. Leigh looks like Louis Theroux.
    You should do the documentary jones next time

  10. Loving this and I also support Matt’s point about doing more honest, sincere, and super Raw Emotion podcasts.

  11. good work
    keep em comin

  12. I found it fascinating, though understandable since you are all guys, that most discussions about your own parents were regarding your relationships with your dads. Not much about moms. Not a criticism – an observation.

    • You’re right. I think it went that way because we were drawing on JD and Leigh’s experience as fathers. That being said, our moms are cool.

      • Agree – made sense why the conversation went in the direction it did.

        The __Mom__ Jones? Although I’m not sure how interesting that would be. Or maybe

        • whoops, inadvertently hit Enter too soon.

          Or maybe something about Parents in general (as opposed to parent-ING), and their influence. Some of the questions you had about “what would you do same/different gave some interesting answers.

  13. Very good episodes today, Jones getting their grown man on.

  14. Great episode guys. Much love to all the parents who shook heads disaprovingly, thinking ‘thats not me’.
    Your podcasts are a high point of my week. Ive become such a part of the machine that this is the only release i have from the cycle of worksleepworkworksleep. While some might say this is mediocrity and has nothing to do with basketball, its all gold to me. Keep on ruling.

  15. Great epi – got quite deep.

    I think you guys should do a Moo Milk Bar Jones, you could get Tas’ wife / boss on the show and she could tell us about all the great specials at the Moo Milk Bar in Toronto.

    Also Leigh rox!

  16. New drinking game: Drink every time someone says, “For sure.”

  17. I arguably enjoy these more than the regular season podcasts. Ever a way to continue them on in some way once the season starts? great job organizing MattyO.

  18. Hey, how about The TBJ Jones, where you guys just sit around and talk about the fun/shitty parts of producing daily vids.

    I study the psychology of workers, so peoples’ relationship with their work always fascinates me.

  19. Whoever said the Jones is getting it’s grown man on…that creeped me out. Laughed for 5 minutes at Leigh and JDs segments but Skeets summed it up in a few words. “I don’t even want a dog” Then it morphed into Matty O getting his Oprah on which, in my opinion, fizzled and silenced the other guys. To all the people I steer to the Jones site, I hope this wasn’t the first show you experienced because I’ve gotta give it a serious thumbs down.

  20. How about the bathroom jones – these low water usage toilets got be thinking about it – geez can be embarrassing, anyother eight gallons and the problem wouldn’t exist …. but doesn’t everybody have funny br stories – specially public bathrooms!

  21. I love how JD is talking about parenting when the last podcast i listened to was the ” real steel jones” where they took his son out of school to watch a movie.

  22. wait, JD cut his hair? isn’t that how he gets his powers?

  23. Absolutely loved this episode.

  24. One of the more awkward episodes. JD enters the spotlight! A future episode should be about movies. Lewis Black can totally play JD, Seth Green/Matt Osten, Wanganeen/Leigh. The JD7 rule

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