I don’t know about you guys, but when I see Dwyane Wade take the postgame press conference stage wearing his sweater vests and giant ties and nonsensical accessories like lensless glasses or just-for-looks bandages, I start trying to find out where to get his wonderful goods. But since he’s a) very rich and b) has a personal stylist, it can be hard. Not only do we not even know about a lot of the stuff he wears, if we do know about it, odds are we can’t afford it. Bummer.

However, thanks to Gilt Groupe, which is best described as a quickstrike discount retailer I guess, we can all wear some of Dwyane Wade’s favorite accessories. From fedoras to backpacks to wallets to more fedoras, it’s all there, as long as what you are looking for is different hats.

But that’s not it, because it’s 2012 and this sort of thing actually makes sense, Wade offered some fashion tips to Gilt’s blog in addition to picking brightly colored belts for his fans to buy. Check it out.

There’s this resurgence of style in the NBA, and you’ve been a leader in that. What advice do you have for younger guys entering the league?
If you’re a young guy coming into the league, this is a perfect time. If you’re a guy who’s edgy, or likes to be a little different, you don’t have to put that to the side. When it comes to playing with colors and pushing the envelope, I think I paved the way for that, but this is a perfect time. Fashion and being an athlete come hand in hand now. They’re lucky, because when I came in the league, it was black, gray, and maybe another color here and there, and some stripes, but it really wasn’t going and doing risky things.

And now the postgame press conference is like a fashion show. Are you guys trying to one-up each other out there?
I think so. When guys see other guys doing something, it makes them step their game up. You know you’re going to be seen not only by basketball players, but worldwide. I think guys see something on another guy, they either try to get in with the trend or try to top it.

Experiment if you want, have fun, copy people or don’t — these are Dwyane Wade’s suggestions. They’re more boilerplate than fashion plate, but whatever. You don’t see Kobe “Cool White Clothes” Bryant making fashion picks for an internet deals site, do you? Exactly. That’s why you’re taking Dwyane Wade’s advice, because he is the guy who invented “playing with colors and pushing the envelope.”

And hey, if pushing the envelope means spending $360 on an orange alligator skin wallet, then I guess we have to do it. The man is both an NBA champion and one of GQ’s best dressed men, after all. He’d never lead us astray.