Here is something that could only be true in the year 2012: Amar’e Stoudemire unveiled the Knicks’ new home jersey on a daytime talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, who is the NFL record holder for sacks in a single season. That is BIZARRE. It is true, however, and those are the new Knicks’ home jerseys, which aren’t scheduled to be revealed until tomorrow. But when Michael Strahan wants a scoop, he gets a scoop, I guess.

As for the jerseys, I like ‘em from what we can see based on some staffer’s blurry Twitpic. As rumored, the black that has been making the Knicks look like the late-90s since the late-90s is finally gone, making things look a little more early-90s. That’s a huge improvement as far as I’m concerned, since I don’t need to be reminded of Charlie Ward every time I turn on a Knicks game. Getting rid of those black panels on the sides of the uniforms is an especially great move. Very happy to see that go, since the retro jerseys the Knicks have been wearing for a few seasons are among the league’s best. It looks like the new unis are going to be more like those, which is a very good thing.

Tomorrow is the official debut of the jerseys though, which means we won’t have to watch mom TV and scrutinize video game trailers to find out what the league’s most valuable franchise is going to look like. For now though, let’s just be thankful that the Knicks are popular enough to get some TV time with their new duds. At the very least, that’s better than zooming in on a Deron Williams action figure.