Get excited, guys, because it’s the 2012 Dwyane Wade Talking About Fashion Mega Tour Sponsored by Clothes right now. Thanks to the release of his new book, “A Father First,” he’s talking to numerous media outlets and answering lots and lots of questions about how he dresses.

Yesterday, after curating a Gilt sale of several fedoras, he let us all know that it’s OK to take chances. Today, he let’s us all know that it’s OK to have the same pants as your girlfriend. From Business Insider:

How have style and fashion changed since you came into the league?

There’s more risk. When I first came in guys were wearing these things called walkers. They weren’t even suits, they were these walker suits. I look back at that now I just cringe and say, “Oh my god I had those.” I had on them black, green, gray, I had solid, basic colors. Now you go in my closet, if you look on my side of my closet and my lady’s side of the closet, it’s not that far off. She got orange pants, I got orange pants. She got pink pants, I got pink pants.

See, TBJers, not only is it OK to wear pink or orange pants, it’s pretty chill to match your girlfriend. And this is coming from a two-time NBA champion who is dating one of the stars of “Bring It On,” so I would say he has this thing sorted out pretty well. I’m not sure what his stance on matching face bandages is, but he seems to be a pretty benevolent clothing dictator, so I imagine he’ll let it slide.

Also, because now is the time to explain your lensless glasses, Dwyane Wade explained his lensless glasses.

Why the glasses with no lenses?

Just something to do.

Just something to do?

Just something to do.

So Russell Westbrook wore his glasses because he was “just goofing around” and Dwyane Wade wears his because it’s “just something to do.” These are both very good reasons to wear glasses you don’t need. I assume LeBron’s reason is “just because,” which is as valid as a reason as Westbrook and Wade gave. Sometimes you just want to wear completely unnecessary glasses, I guess.

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  1. I love DWade and I think it’s pretty cool that he’s so into fashion. Hopefully after his bball career is over, he”ll have a career in fashion. I smell a clothing line???

  2. So which TBJer dresses the most like their wife/girlfriend?

    Sorry Matt…

  3. Who cares? He’s a basketball player, not a model, if he wanted to be a model he should quit the nba, so that way real nba fans like me don’t have to hear about his fashion sense anymore. I always thought wade was a pussy but this just adds more proof, that and he’s a lil bitch when he gets injured (see wheelchair exit for a shoulder injury). Screw d wade! Right about real nba related stuff, not this gay shit.

    • Yeah guys! Right about summer league, or right about potential changes to every team’s rotation. Right about all the exciting NBA action happening at the moment!

    • Thank god we have you to be an arbiter on real NBA fans, like you.

    • Been to the ESPN NBA page lately? Same headlines for days. There is no “real NBA related stuff.”

  4. Thanks to DWade I bought a bunch of fedoras and girl pants to be in style. Thanks DWade!

  5. How is it “fashion sense” if you have no idea what you’re doing?
    Most of Wade’s outfits look like he was dared to wear them…
    Since when is wearing a jeans vest , pants too short and rainbow socks a good thing in fashion?
    Or is nowadays fashion just a faux-pas competition?

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