"Now imagine they were pink." -- Matthew McConaugpants

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  1. I am a strong supportor of different is okay. I luv to dress outside the box..I wear pink. I just recently purchased a pink Invicta Subaqua Noma III watch. I have pale pink double pleated dress pant. I luv color blocks, etc. I’m not too sure about wearing my counter parts (partner) styles but I get the idea & concept. I am a 6’3′, 275lb 60 yr. old retired athlete, who still works out to keep my hlth. & weight down.
    With that said, I believe that geographical region helps or detracts from ones efforts. D.Wade lives in a region were summer is all year round, the trend is tropical, summery, and stylish… That helps to see others around being creative too. I live in the northeast (NYC/NJ) area. And in my particular setting, not too many style concious people, more working class.

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