It is 2012 and basically every NBA player has tattoos. It’s so widespread that even Tim Duncan has a couple and not having them is more the exception than the rule. It used to be a big deal that NBA players were inked up, with basically only Dennis Rodman and Allen Iverson showing off a lot of art, but now my mom has three. That is how much things have changed.

Except for Jared Sullinger, who’s vowing to stay to tattoo-free for his entire career. From’s Jessica Camerato:

“No tattoos,” he recently told “I promised my mother. You know if you break a promise, you’re not going to be living for the next days (laughs). I want to live as long as I can, so I’m not going to break that promise.”

If ever there were a reason to not get a tattoo, fear of being murdered by your mother is pretty solid. Totally get where he’s coming from on this one.

However, if he ever decides to get a tattoo and still wants to keep things hidden from his mumsy, perhaps he could go the Kevin Durant route and get some nice business tatts. That’s a strategy employed by 90 percent of college aged girls who get tattoos on spring break, and it seems to work pretty well. I’m not saying he should break a promise to his mom and get killed for it; I’m just saying there are options.

If not though, I guess we found Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s new favorite player.

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  1. It’s clearly a generational thing. Back in the day, only tough guys and criminals had tattoos. Now, emo lipstick wearing hipsters have them.

    By the way, Klay Thompson said pretty much the same thing. His dad, Mychal Thompson, won’t let him get any tattoos.

  2. Tattoos have definitely become mainstream and if you are a super rich NBA player you can have as many as you want. What’s tough is quite a few employers out there are not cool with tattoos and I agree with SKA above that is is a generational thing. My sister has to cover up her ink at work with an Ink Armor sleeve: It looks like things have come full circle and now the rebel is the one who doesn’t have any ink.

  3. I’m Pretty sure D-Wade doesn’t have any tattoos… Does that mean that D-Wade is the best player in the NBA without any Ink?

  4. Only losers have tattoos ..

  5. Theres another Kirby out there! I guess I may have to start posting using my last name a rare situation with a name like Kirby

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