Grantland launched a YouTube channel today, tipping off with a short documentary of the 24 hours in Royce White’s life when he got drafted in to the NBA. Simply put, it’s excellent and you should watch it immediately.

We’ve heard a lot about White’s battles with anxiety but watching him fight it on the biggest night of his life is incredible. At times, it seems like he’s elated, terrified and completely on edge, all at once. There’s footage of him getting on a flight to Houston, which is just about the most stressful thing you’ll ever watch on YouTube, but then there’s also scrimmage tape of White joking around with his college teammates while hooping on the day of the draft. It’s only eight minutes, but it really feels like you get a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be Royce White. He’s candid and eloquent about his fears and that just makes this whole thing even better.

Really, I think we’re all kind of rooting for Royce White. He’s fun to watch and he seems so, so human, even down to the fact that he’ll spend his Sunday night slamming some idiot blogger who doesn’t like Maroon 5 and just wants everyone to listen to the Beatles. If you can’t get behind that, sorry.

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  1. I really, really like him after seeing this movie. Hope he does well. I like football, soccer, you might call it, and one of its great players had this kind of disorder. He played most of his glory days in Manchester United, goes by the name Dennis Bergkamp. In the last years of his career he wouldn’t play in games that he needed to flight in an airplane. He was a reference by then, so he didn’t need to, but he did manage to make a brilliant career prior to that, I hope White does too.

  2. Dennis Berkamp played for Arsenal and was nicknamed “Non-Flying Dutchman”.
    He simply did not fly to away games. For important games he used to drive halfway across Europe.

    • You are right about Arsenal, but only in he’s last years he did not flight. But if he could he would drive, yes. Great player.

  3. Awesome film by the way. Everybody will be rooting for Royce White.
    And I have a great deal of respect for Kevin McHale for taking the change on him.
    Hope it works out for them.


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