I know it has been fun to see what the new Knicks uniforms look like in video game trailers and talk shows hosted by gap-toothed former football players, but today is the actual unveiling of the updated kits, if you can technically “unveil” something that everyone’s already seen. Semantics aside, those are the new Knicks home and away uniforms, and I think we can all agree they’re better than the black-trimmed ones they just got rid of.

If you’ve been following the show or blog for any time at all, you know that orange is my favorite color. Ergo, I’m a pretty big fan of these. You’re going back to a more retro look, while incorporating more orange? I’m sold, even if I’ll admit the orange waistband on the blue uniforms kind of looks silly. It’s better than the blue one on the white shorts, but they’re both pretty unnecessary. There’s certainly a historical precedent for having colored waistbands, but if that’s the inspiration, they should have kept them striped, like every other piece of trim on the uniforms. The big, solid piece of color across the waist looks weird and I wouldn’t be surprised if it helped make “Carmelo Anthony looks fat” jokes pretty easy. At least Eddy Curry is gone. That could have been a disaster.

My other complaint is the logo on the shorts, but that’s only because I wish they’d go back to putting the interlocking NY on the shorts. But if the Knicks insist on having the most 90s logo in the league, then I guess it’s going to end up on their shorts. So it goes.

As you’d imagine there are some fancy details added that you might not expect.

There inside the collar: “Once a Knick, always a Knick.” That means all those terrible players they had — like Jerome James, Eddy Curry, Luc Longley, Moochie Norris, John Amaechi, Travis Knight, Felton Spencer, Maciej Lampe, Dan Dickau, Renaldo Balkman, Shandon Anderson and my handon handersons are tired but you get the point — they are still Knicks. You might have tried to forget about them, Knicks fans, but they are still Knicks. They are ALWAYS Knicks. You can never escape, no mater how hard you try. (This also probably explains why the team can never seem to quit Isiah Thomas. At least we finally have an explanation.)

Also weird is something that’s easy to overlook in these pictures. In fact, I bet you didn’t even notice that the trim on the arms doesn’t actually go all the way around. That’s for “Aesthetics and comfort,” and while it might be comfortable to not have that material in your armpit, I’m of the opinion that stripes should connect. It looks especially bizarre from the back.

This isn’t college football, so there’s no need for shoulder stripes. Loop those bad riders.

Even with all my nitpicky complaints, this is still a really, really good look and a massive improvement over the old Knicks uniforms. They’re not perfect, but getting rid of a look that started in 1997 and looked distinctively 1997 is always going to be a win. We’ll still have to wait a bit to see if these are better than the other New York team’sĀ uniforms (there is another New York team now), but the Knicks have a good head start. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

(images via Darren Brovell)