It’s the summer. The Olympics are over. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s VERY weird show, The Jones discuss some of your bad, listener-submitted topics for The [BLANK] Jones. Should Pringles just put their chips in a bag? How many different ways are there to tie your shoelaces? Is fire as great as everyone says it is? All that, plus Vin Diesel, motorcycles, Australian Rules Football, Reggaeton, deluxe airplanes, and Leigh’s epic story about the early days of the Internet.


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Comments (41)

  1. I was going to e-mail you guys suggesting this very show!

    *Crosses it off the list*

  2. Corpse 3some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. interested parties want to know the name of the song that opened the show.

  4. Killer drops today, JD

  5. Actually Osten means “The Cheese”, and it sounds like Mikkel was eating Tzatziki, something Tas´ greek blood should have picked up on!

  6. Pretty baked to answer your question Skeets

  7. Old women make my penis soft.

    If she kept her clothes on and didn’t touch me with her shaky geriatric hands, I could crank one out on Mona, I guess. Blanche had hair like Michael Dudikoff from the American Ninja movies and that’s somewhat of a turn-off…

  8. Mona all the way.

  9. Blanche while Mona watches . . . . i guess . . . . ? Bill Clinton told me we need more cooperation today.

  10. Obviously Blanche. She wanted it ALL the time.

  11. now i think there needs to be a reggae jones starring tas-bumbaclat-melas

  12. mona would be a spinner.

  13. This was incredible.

  14. Why do I have to choose between Mona & Blanch? I’d could take em both but Mona if I had to pick. “Wooblyballs: breaking hearts and breaking hips since 1984″

    For the holiday what about a holi-trey? That would be a Halloween like holiday except everone dresses up like Trey & is super sarcastic.

    Dont worry Matt, you dont want to get with rubberface anyways. A fleshlight is more made with less synthetic material than lil kim’s face. All that plastic surgery really just scares dudes…I’ll stick with Mona.

    • P.S. wooblyballs is my first email I got in 1999.

      Anyone else have the internet service in mid 90″s called Prodigy? I had that…very limited

  15. Great blank episode. Was dying laughing a this at the gym…which made the girl with huge boobs next to me on treadmill think I’m a creep! Oh well.

  16. Go the Hawkers!
    Can’t wait for the big game tonight!

  17. This is what happens when you Google “shoe laces heel lock”:

  18. Am I imagining things? Wasn’t there a link earlier to the Blank Jones last Fall that was the “Basketball Jones Basketball Jones”? I followed the link and enjoyed again the podcast. But suddenly can’t find it.

    • No, you’re not imagining things. I think I still have it in my itunes. It was just like a history of the basketball jones or something. I honestly, I don’t remember what that podcast was about, but it did exist.

    • I posted a link to it in the comments of the last episode (Parenting Jones)… You can also click the “The [BLANK] Jones” link at the top of the article to get only the blog posts filed under “The [BLANK] Jones” category.

  19. john legend and chrissy teigen are engaged, tas. shame on you for not knowing that.

  20. So in the intros, are you guys mimicking John Mulaney from his New in Town stand up show?

    • *I did no previous research to posting this question. A yes or no will suffice. Dont waste your time embarassing me, its not worth the effort.
      And great show guys.

  21. Reggaeton is Jamaican dance hall music with rapping in Spanish over the top. Huge in Puerto Rico and Miami. The song Gasolina by Daddy Yankee was the biggest mainstream hit.

  22. Come on, Tas, yogurt is Bulgarian, and not Greek. Sorry to step on your toes but the bacteria that makes the milk like this is called Lactobacilicus BULGARICUS :))))

  23. Does Tas speaks Greek?

  24. “I’m an American and I like sports” – that better become a drop ala leigh’s “chinese” accent.

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