Ladies and gentlemen, a post from our very own Leigh Ellis

It seems we’ve lost one of the good guys to the broadcast booth, as Brian Scalabrine announced yesterday that he’ll be doing color commentary for 11 Boston Celtics games this season. It’s too bad because that means there’ll be no more of this highlight reel stuff or diss raps from the burly redhead.

In basketball — like most pro sports — it’s not always about the guy who scores the most points or grabs the most rebounds. Every team needs a glue guy, the teammate coaches love to refer to as a great locker room guy. He’s the one who always sees the positive in any situation, and more importantly, he’s always first off the bench to high-five his teammates as they come off the floor, regardless of the score or situation in the game.

And nobody did that better than Scal. Hell, the Bulls basically paid him $2.5-million to do that for the last two seasons. Not a bad way to earn a living.

So while Scal might not be remembered as the most athletic player to grace the NBA hardwood, he still forged an 11-year career and even picked up a Championship along the way.

As we say farewell to Scal, here is a compilation of some of his best shots as captured through the lens of Getty Images.

Original Headband Scal

Hipster Scal

Won His Holdout with the Tanning Salon Scal

Don’t F— with Me Scal

Super Cool Scal

Fashionista Scal

King of the Kids Scal

Concussion Headband Scal

Got Jokes Scal

Kept Black Sneakers Cool Scal

Santa Scal

If you have your own favorite Scal memories, please leave them in the comments.